{Not really} Wordless Wednesday:

Yesterday morning the kids and I explored the beach before driving the 5 hours home. One of the women doing her morning walk approached me and said “Lovely to be doing what you do on a day like today.” I did my normal nod and smile, not really comprehending exactly what she’d said.

Once I realised, I wished I could have said something more as it’s very rare that people offer a nice comment about my being out with three children. Normally, all I hear is “You have your hands full, don’t you?!”

And sometimes I do, but mostly, it’s lovely to be doing what I do.

Linking up with Trish for Wordless Wednesday


  1. Oh what a sweet story and lovely picture!!!

    Isn’t it always the way – that we analyse the conversation afterwards regretting we didn’t say something more.. especially when it was such a lovely compliment!!

  2. Great that you managed to take some time out and go to the beach. We’ll be doing that soon, too!

  3. And it is lovely. All consuming, exhausting, some days terrifying; but lovely. Aren’t we blessed ♥

  4. Lovely story and it’s so true. Made me think!

  5. I bet your kids enjoyed the sunshine before getting in the car. I often have a delayed reaction just like you. I’m sure she knew that happy place you were in.

  6. Sometimes in all the chaos it nice to be doing what you are doing. And being told this is always a nice reminder x

  7. Those kind of comments remind me to pay it forward. Great photo

  8. I have four and also always got “the handful” comment.

  9. Beautiful photo and kind stranger .
    Thanks for linking up.

  10. It’s nice when someone says something nice instead of the usual bit where kids are a handful. Glad you got to spend that beautiful day out with your kids. 🙂

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