Road Tripping


With James having started his job down the South Coast and me at ‘home’ we’re currently doing a bit of back and forth. James comes to us on a Thursday night, we all spend Friday and Saturday together, trying to have quality time as well as packing/cleaning/organising for the move before we all jump in cars on Sunday and head to the Coast. I use Monday to get things organised (school, day care, doctors, whatever) and then the kids and I jump back in the car and head back out West.

Now, I’m not a great long distance driver – it exhausts me beyond belief and this constant constantness* is a little overwhelming. Add to that the backseat shenanigans of my offspring and it’s no wonder I’m feeling the need to find a corner, curl up in it and rock back and forth as each road trip approaches.

The worst thing is that I have no idea what to do about it. Since Jasper’s arrival we’ve had a smooth run in terms of car travel. He’s been the perfect car baby, sleeping most of the time and the girls were easily entertained for the most part.

But now, Jasper is staying awake. More often than not for most if not all of the trips. Staying awake longer than he would on a normal day at home and he’s painful. Whining. Hitting his sisters. Throwing his love before demanding him back. It goes on and on.

The girls become overtired and over it. They seem to not love being hit, also and I end up with three screeching banshees carrying on and I have to admit I’ve not dealt with it very well thus far.

In fact, yesterday, as we made our way from a Tinker Bell screening in Sydney – having left home before 6am – Jasper had all the bells and whistles going as we got a couple of hours away from our destination and by the time we finally got into town at 7.30ish I was much like a mad, banshee-like woman myself and I only had two kiddos fighting in the back as Ellie was having a grand old time in James’ car ahead of us. And then we took his royal feralness** shopping. We’re smart like that.

I know I’ve read things over the years, great ideas, which I never had to utilize and they’ve fallen through the memory cracks (which are really becoming alarmingly large) and nothing I’m trying is working. Even iThingys don’t work as I don’t have enough to go around and when do I crack them out someone always ends up steeling sick, which ends up tacking on at least half an hour to an already long day.

Smarter-Mummas-than-I, please impart some of your brilliance upon me before I tear my hair out!

I will appreciate it tonight, when I get home after another road trip and am sitting forlornly alone on the couch… (oh woe is me!)

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* It is so a word
** Also a word and he really was


  1. load them up with lots of snacks and drinks and they will endure any roadtrip!!

    I hate it when my hubby is away for 3-4 nights a week.. but at the same time you end up eating yummier things than the usual dinner because you know once the kids are fed and in bed.. there is no one to share your chocolate with.. bonus!

    #teamIBOT was here to say hello!!

  2. Our road trips are always touch and go. Some days they sleep through like little angels, other times…oh my lord…I’ve wanted to jump out of the car.
    I agree with Yvette – load them up with lots of snacks for the trip.
    But don’t forget to give yourself a break, when/if you can from the driving too x

  3. Do you have a portable dvd player for the car? That works for us. Also food.
    Mind you, It’s been a while since we have done a long car trip. But when we do, it’s usually to the other end of the country, so we make up for it!!

  4. I go with lots of snacks and silly games like ‘what can you see now?’ x

  5. May I suggest ear plugs!!!

    Ok so that’s not what you were after:
    As Catherine says lots of snacks probably try and organise the tablet/iPad with some ABC Kids.

    Then favourite toys all prepared sitting on the passenger seat for you to pass through as each new tantrum begins.

    Next CD’s, ok there is only so much “Justine Clark” a girl can take but which is worse? Kids screaming or another song about Mr and Mrs Knife and Fork.

    Finally ensure you left a bottle of wine in the fridge for your return.

  6. Dadabulous handcrafted a frame for the iPad, so that we can insert it between the two front seats giving both girls a clear view. We downloaded some of their favorite movies and now our road trips are as painless as they can possibly be.
    Love Mumabulous

  7. We normally stock up on food during road trips. Lots of other “activities” they can play with in the car as well as some ithingies and if you’ve got a portable DVD player that too. But, spaced out. And LOTS of stops. Takes longer, but it takes the edge of having to sit there for a long time and different kids have different thresholds when it comes to sitting still for a long time. So hopefully these little tips will work out for you. xx

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