A Peg Issue

Odd one out, strange,

In 2010 I wrote a post about 3 of my quirks; matching pegs, food not touching and odd socks.

To me, these three things are simply life. My need to make sure each piece of clothing is hung by two pegs of the same colour or to use all the pink pegs first does not effect my life. It’s just how I do things. I don’t think about it.

Recently, however, I had a reason to pause and think about my strange little quirk when I purchased two new bags of pegs. Discovering both bags had a single rogue peg had me somewhat distracted. One bag had a bright purple peg and the other an aqua.

Every other bag at the store also had an odd one out (I checked) and I can’t decide if this was done by a brilliant marketer or a nasty bored person.

If it was the brilliant marketer then he or she knows there are people like me out there and they’ve just made it impossible for me to not buy a purple and aqua bag of pegs the moment I see one in the shops. I now have no choice because my peg bucket has two rouge pegs which are unlikely to ever get used, unless I desperately need to.

And now, because of these two pegs, I find myself thinking about this strange habit I have as I hang out the clothes. Wondering when I will be able to buy a bag which will no longer make them odd.

Do you have a quirk (do tell me I am not alone)


  1. You are so not alone there! I must match my pegs to the colour of my clothing. If I don’t have a peg that matches, then the pegs must match iykwim. I have searched high and low for black pegs over the years! lol

    • You have no idea how relieved I am to read this, Lis! Mostly I seem to be alone in my weirdness! Black pegs would be amazing. Why are there none?

  2. I do the matching peg thing too!! I don’t match them to the clothing colour but the two pegs must match. It drove my mum mad when I was living at home. When I moved out my brother bought me bags of wooden pegs so they were all the same – lol. We’ve gone back to coloured pegs now. It doesn’t drive Danny mad like it used to my mum, he just giggles and humours me 🙂

    I have a thing about stuff being straight too, either parallel or perpendicular to a wall, edge of a desk, tiles, etc etc. I have had little mini melt downs when I can’t get the rug straight, or the dining room table parallel to the grout lines in the tiles…

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