Sunday Night in the ED

Having lamented my husband’s need to work away from us during the week, Jazzy made it his aim to keep him with us this week by getting sick.

It started with a cough and very quickly turned into a fever, his chubby cheeks and hands red and burning, and trouble breathing. I bundled him up and took him to emergency and with a temperature of 39.4 he was taken straight through after being seen by the triage nurse.

The doctor saw him and decided some panadol, home, bed and appointments with his GP every second day, starting the next day, would be appropriate. I wasn’t sure where he came from that you could make such appointments at short notice! They gave him his drugs and we were left to watch some kiddie shows and await his temperature going down.

Instead, it crept up, closer and closer to 40, his red hands soon became red arms and his breathing got more raspy and fast. We stripped him and I discovered a strange red, blotchy rash on his right shoulder, which didn’t blanch when pressed.

This, of course, led to some drama and panic, especially when another rash appeared under his left arm. Bloods were taken and a cannula put in as I held my boy down, crying and snotting all over his flushed little head. It was decided he would be admitted and treated for croup and Meningococcal, the latter as a precaution.

While Jasper wasn’t showing symptoms of Meningococcal, the sudden flurry of activity surrounding his rash had me in a tizz. It helped that they were relatively sure it wasn’t, but their tiny seed of doubt had me on edge.

Sunday night in the Emergency Department turned into Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday in the Pediatric Ward. A time of blood tests, false results (a positive for staph, from the hands of the person who took the blood), boredom, sleepless nights, stress and tears.

In the end, his croup started clearing up and he stopped needing the steroids to treat it, the rash started to disappear and all tests came back showing ‘nothing overly sinister’ and his bed was needed so we made our way home.

And my boy did a crazy happy dance which made my heart burst and, somehow, made the whole thing worthwhile.

He is still in recovery mode and has, ever so kindly, passed on his germs to Kahlei. I am still utterly exhausted from the whole experience and James has had a week off work we probably couldn’t afford him to have. It’s been a trying time. A stressful time. Eye opening.

A time to count my blessings. Of which there are many.

Linking up with Jess from Diary of a SAHM for IBot and wondering why my time in Emergency wasn’t nearly as interesting or inspiring as hers.




  1. What a scary experience! I’m glad he’s home and better.

  2. Oh wow that sounds terrible! I hope you are all feeling better now and those nasty germs have disappeared. And as for your hospital trip not being like Jess, I go to the same hospital as her and have not had the experience she has!

    Friary wishes and butterfly kisses #teamIBOT

  3. Oh no! I do know how that feels.. how terrible for him. All those tests are NOT fun.

  4. Love his Happy dance pic. I think i too would have done a Happy Dance. I’m glad he’s on the mend. I hope kahlei is ok. xx

  5. Love the happy dance! Glad to hear he is feeling better but not glad to hear Kahlei is not well 🙁
    hope all germs rack off for good soon. <3

  6. Oh my goodness! That would have been heart wrenching to go through! I’m so lucky that I haven’t had to go through anything as serious as that with my two girls. I’m so glad to hear that he’s ok. x

  7. Good to hear he is ok, bit of a worry for you though. It is very exhausting when they are sick like that, emotionally, and being stuck in a hospital with them isn’t much fun either. Hope the germs clear up and stay away 🙂

  8. It is scary, I rushed my 2 year old to the ED Friday morning, with a rash that spread pretty quickly. In the end it seems she had an allergic reaction to mozzie bites. But it is horrible, especially when things happen so quick! 🙁

    Glad to see the happy dance..:)

  9. That must have been terrifying for you!
    My youngest has been really prone to croup, and we have also ended up at the emergency room a couple of times. I’m now so prepared for it, that at first sign of that cough, I give him the predi-mix.
    I hope he is still recovering well, and the rest of you are too! 🙂

  10. Oh Becky, it’s awful when life hits you with these unexpected dramas! I’m so glad it wasn’t meningococal and that the hospital actually took it seriously. And so glad he is feeling better now.

  11. That’s maybe the cutest happy dance picture ever! What a gorgeous little boy! I’m so sorry he was so sick though.
    My son was also treated once for Meningococcal (precautionary)and that ‘maybe’ was terrifying.

    Not as traumatic as having to hold them down (or watch someone else hold them down) to insert cannula/take blood/insert naso-gastric tube. It all sucks.

    I’m glad he’s on the mend. I hope that everyone’s better soon.

  12. Jenna was the only one of mine that got croup. She was already at school so not as little as Jasper. I remember being in ED. Jenna was feverish & miserable, canula in, with the nebuliser on her face. She was desperately trying to tell me something. As I leaned right in to try and hear her raspy voice I heard, barely audibly, “I’ve got news”!

  13. Oh Becky, what a scary story you have written!! Every mothers heart just went OH!! Glad he is all better now!! xx


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