So Blessed

Recently, I have been spending more time concentrating on being grateful and our stay in the hospital last week gave me oh-so-much to be thankful for.

While there was stress and worry about my child being sick, I spent most of my time behind our drawn curtain being ever thankful that Jasper was there for something minor. That the doctors were mostly sure his rash wasn’t Meningococcal. Thankful that we weren’t waiting for a transfer and being stuffed around while our child lay in a hospital bed, listless and obviously very seriously ill. Thankful that our child wasn’t having seizures while I watched helplessly, timing them. Thankful that we had answers, maybe not all of them, but enough for Jasper to be picking up.

I was madly thankful that James hadn’t decided to go back down the coast that Sunday afternoon for work on the Monday and that he was still around to be with the girls. Thankful that my brother, Ethan, was able to come and hang with them so James could come to the hospital to give me a break and that my dad could come and see Jazzy to relieve some of his boredom. Thankful to my beautiful friend for coming to visit, cheering up my boy and providing me with magazines, choccies and coke to get through (boy, did they help!).

I am thankful that our hospital stays for the children have been for things they could heal from. Thankful that Ellie, Kahlei and Jasper were able to come home whole and healthy.

There was a lot of time alone to contemplate, send thoughts and prayers for the little children around us and their families. I am becoming increasingly aware of how blessed we are as a family. Of how blessed I am as a mother and wife.

Thankful Thursday


  1. Glad Jasper is better and that it wasn’t anything too serious !
    Take care and have a great day !
    PS – popping over from TT

  2. We’ve been so fortunate that our girls haven’t had any illnesses serious enough to warrant a trip to hospital. Even though Jasper’s problems were thankfully minor, it still sounds like a very trying time. Warm wishes for a speedy recovery.

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