Life at Number 3

When James is staying down the Coast, he lives in number 3. And when we’re staying with him, we also live our life out of number 3. It’s a small, two bedroom apartment complete with kitchenette.

We are blessed to be in a position to have a roof over our heads both down the Coast and out West.

Life at number 3 isn’t all blue skies and smooth sailing, though. After a whole week there together, we’ve certainly seen the effects of the close quarters on us all. In fact, as soon as we returned ‘home’, both Ellie and Kahlei took to their own rooms for some solace.

We’re all squished together, nowhere to go if (when) we need to remove ourselves from a situation. Jasper’s waking at stupid O’Clock and has had to start sleeping on the couch given that his favourite thing to do upon waking was to sit on Kahlei’s head. Now, he waits a little while before assaulting his sister.

By 8.30, we’re basically over the room and the close quarters and out the door, exploring, shopping, discovering. But, we’re also tired and grumpy. I try to keep us out for as long as humanly possible before going back for naps. Then, I put Jasper back in his bed at least a million times. It’s a great game when we’ve all been up since before the sun.

The, once nap time is cruelly cut short by the caretakers (well, the woman) banging about outside our room (she hates me!), we pack ourselves up and head out. Again.

We’ve done the local park. We’ve done the indoor play centre. We’ve done the park half an hour away, in the town we we used to live. We’ve done the beach across the road. We’ve done the beach around the corner from Ellie’s school. And the one we found while driving by a possible house to rent. We’ve shopped. Walked by the river. Shopped some more. Taken our nature journals for a discovery walk and rolled down the hill across the road.

We are enjoying the possibilities, the change and the beauty around us but there’s also an element of boredom creeping in. I am trying to keep everyone interested, engaged and most importantly, not fighting/screaming/crying/whining.

It’s becoming increasingly difficult and I’m becoming increasingly cranky. I’d love to just go out the back and let them run free, but that’s impossible. We drive past the Big 4 one to two times a day and both my girls look longingly out at the jumping pillow and equipment and I can help wishing we were there for awhile, because then they wouldn’t be in my face all day everyday and I wouldn’t have to go out so often.

I find myself getting riled up and that’s where I’m kind of at now. Sick of three children having to be entertained or on me (literally) 24 hours a day. Over the baiting and fighting with nowhere to send and separate fighting siblings. Tired, tired, tired of all the little niggly things.

So, I think it’s time to do a refresh. Take the time to remember that we are really, amazingly lucky and put all this self indulgence to bed.

How do you reset when you find yourself focusing on the wrong things?

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  1. It would be really hard to entertain children in a small environment for a long period of time. You are better than me, I probably would have cracked already. Rachel xx

  2. That would be really hard. When kids {and Mums} are used to space it is hard to adjust. It is good though to try and refocus on the good whenever you can 🙂

  3. That does sound hard. We live in a small place, but we have a large yard. I love nothing better than sending the kids “out the back” when they have energy to burn.

    But I agree, mindset is so important. Keep trying to focus on those blessings!

  4. This sounds super tough. Sounds like it is time for some drastic action – time to give into the electronic age and give them time out in front of a screen so you can put your feet up for a few hours.

  5. I love that you have come to for own conclusion at the end of this, to focus on the positive.
    Having said that, I wonder if you could use the jumping pillows at the caravan park? Maybe you could ask?


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