Getting Fit & Fab: Failing From the Start

Sooo, I would love to be pumped and say I am smashing this Fit & Fab thing. I’d love to tell you all, proudly, that I have lost x amount of weight.

Buut. I can’t.

Since declaring my intentions, my eating habits have actually been worse. I know. I don’t blame you if you’re rolling your eyes, just like my husband is as he reads this over my shoulder. We’ve been eating out way more than I would like to admit. Way more. If I am not traveling then I am struggling to keep on top of what I have where. Most of the time, I organise a meal only to discover that what I thought I had, I don’t – it’s in the other place. The more I try to be organised, the worse it is. Which is ridiculous and frustrating.

I know it’s all excuses, but I am so tired (said in a whingy voice, with my hands on my hips and a big old pout on my face).

On the upside, when we’re in the Bay (which is more and more often) we walk everyday. We walk many times a day. I’m making more of an effort to play more of the physical games with the children.

In the old days, I would throw my hands in the air, declaring it all over due to my first failure. Thankfully, I am now simply seeing it as a stepping stone (or hurdle) in the journey.

It’s all part of finding the balance and forging a new way of life. I have to work to find the way it all works together and fits into my life. Because, if it doesn’t fit in with my life then it will soon be discarded as an inconvenience, leaving me back at square one or worse.

This month, I’m challenging myself to have more accountability and will be sharing a #gettingfitandfab shot daily, whether it’s an active shot,food choice shot or thoughts on will be posting them to my Instagram (byBecky) and my facebook page. I’d love you to join me!



  1. :O bybecky* 🙂

    • Haha, thanks Christy – I’ve fixed that now!

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