School. It’s happening


Ellie is going to school.

This is a truth I have been avoiding for some time now. Since Ellie was little I’ve dreamt of home schooling or, more specifically, unschooling. there are so many reasons this path appealed to me, and as a past sufferer of school phobia, I have had many worries about her school future.

I spent a lot of time looking into my options, researching and trying to find a school which followed the philosophies that are important to us and how we want our children raised and educated.

In a perfect world, I would have moved in order to have my children attend Candlebark School. I allowed myself a day or two to indulge that dream before accepting it wasn’t going to happen and moving on.

I still found that I wanted more from a school and, the ones we were contemplating simply weren’t meeting those needs.

And then, we found it. Somehow, we’d overlooked the school we’ve always been told was the best.

We had an interview with the Principal, filled out enrollment forms, waited to hear if we’d been accepted by the board (as we’re still technically out of area, like, five hours out) and then last Tuesday, we sat in a room full of parents hearing about this journey we’re all about to embark on.

The more I see and hear, the more confident I feel. This is absolutely the right place for Ellie. And Kahlei the year after. This is the right place for us – our living arrangements just have to catch up.

But, that confidence doesn’t mean I am not nervous about her going off to school, which is not really about her. She is strong and amazing, intelligent, resilient. She will be fine. It’s me who will struggle without my girl by my side daily. And, probably Kahlei, too.

But, mostly me.

The next twelve weeks or so, before she steps into the world to spread her wings and start to soar, are going to be about holding her close while learning to let her go.

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  1. You have tried really hard to find the right school for your kids, well done. I hated school too, especially high shcool – kids are cruel! I hope that is is easy for your living arrangements to catch up! #IBOT

    • Thank you so much for your comment. At the info night the Councillor told us that from that moment on we always ‘loved’ school so that our children will ‘follow in our footsteps’. So, we’re going with that. Loved it..

  2. We’re sending Amelia off to kindy next year too – I’m so excited for her and so … not excited at the same time! I’m they will love it though, and we’ll come around to the idea I’m sure x

    • It’s such a weird place to be in, isn’t it? I know how good it will be for Ellie yet I still don’t feel ready. I guess I’m lucky we still have time!

  3. I travelled an hour to and from school – it was worth it.. the education I received was great. the schools around where we live is not adequate for me or my children, so I will be sending them to the same highschool, because I know it is one that I can trust and be happy with.


    • I am willing to travel to get her to and from, also. If we can only get a house that’s a while away for now, I believe this is the school for her and am willing to do what needs to be done.
      I think it’s so great that we have the ability to choose!

  4. I think when you find the right school you do just know it. Luckily we were accepted from a waiting list and got into the school we had pinned our hopes on.

    • It’s such a great feeling to hear you’ve been accepted, isn’t it? So pleased for you!

  5. My Meg started Kindy orientation on Monday too. She is totally ready, and we love the school. Even so it is always hard not to project your own sadness, fear, and anxiety for them. Good luck ‘letting her go’.

    • I was just saying above that the Councillor said we should talk about loving school, even if we didn’t really. That’s the approach we’re taking.

  6. It’s always hard when the first one goes off to school. It’s the start of a whole new era.
    I’m so glad yo have found somewhere you feel confident with though. That’s so important.

    • Thanks Jess. I think having found this school has made it so much easier on my nerves and that’s a good thing because she would certainly pick up on that from me. We all love it and that is awesome.

  7. A good school is so very important, I’m glad you’ve found the right one for your family.

    • Thanks Kyla!

  8. Glad you guys found a school that suit all your needs. Kids going to school is a milestone not just for them, but us as parents too. Don’t worry, I’m sure you’ll be fine 🙂

    Ai @ Sakura Haruka

    • Thanks Ai.

  9. It’s hard sending your little ones off to school for the first time, but be brave, they will blossom before your eyes and you will wonder why it was hard to let go. As I write this reply, I am about to watch my second eldest graduate Grade 12 and my baby go to his High School orientation day. Just like their first day at big school,tears are falling from my eyes. Good luck to your little one as she begins her schooling journey, and good luck to you as well xx
    Found you via FYBF

  10. Doesn’t John Marsden’s school look wonderful? I’m glad that you managed to find another school (somewhat closer to home) that fitted your ideals of education. Next year I send my baby off to highschool, where her sister will be in Year 10. It seems like yesterday I was trying not to cry at the school gate as I waved them off on their first day at ‘big” school. How the years fly by.


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