Jazzy turns two

Yesterday, my baby boy turned 2. TWO, people. And it’s not just a ‘my baby turned two’, it’s a ‘my last baby turned two (insert sobbing here)’. James has remained unconvinced about an extra addition, so I can officially say that and it’s a little bit sucky.

Enough about me, though.

Yesterday, my baby boy turned 2.

Only he’s not much of a baby, anymore. Now he’s a boy. A mini man.

And if I even think of saying “I can’t believe he’s TWO (sob)!” he does something so obviously 2 that I can’t deny it.

He is funny (just ask him) and crazy. Loves to dance and sing.

His present

He loves to wear bling, pink and high heels and even wore a dress recently and looked just like his sister.

He is strong willed and can be down-right pig-headed.

He is soft and caring, often asking “you ight?” – mostly after he’s just head butted you.

He was once my good sleeper, but now is an avoider. Daily. He goes to bed too late and gets up too early. And is too cheerful about it.

He talks a lot. All. The Time. Stories. Jokes. I remember people telling me that he probably wouldn’t talk much, with two older sisters to do the talking for him, but, even though they do he still natters on from morning to night.

He (unfortunately) gets his coordination from his Mumma.

I am so loving watching him become his own person. Getting to know him. Seeing how he differs from the girls. And, really, I can’t believe he’s two (he’s asleep, I don’t have to worry about a tantrum erupting). Mumma’s baby boy is growing up and it’s exciting, scary, thrilling and depressing all at once.

The best way to end a birthday!

And because no birthday is complete without a birthday dance;


  1. Gorgeous post. And what an adorable little groover he is! It must be terribly bitter sweet watching your last baby turn 2 and morph into a mini man. Why can’t they stay teeny tiny just a little longer?
    Happy birthday little guy!

  2. What a cutie!

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