Wordless Wednesday: Jazzy’s Birthday

Not so sure about those sparklers

I think Daddy blew the candle out!

Mmm, cake!  **

Kisses for Nanna **

Trying to get a pic of all four! **

Jasper’s Birthday Pressie

I see motorbikes in our future

‘Working’ with Daddy

A birthday concert from Kahlei

Two perfect days ending with a perfect snuggle with sisters <3

Linking up with Trish for Wordless Wednesday

** Photos by Caleb Armstrong


  1. Happy birthday little man. Hope he had a great day. By the looks of those photos he has.

  2. Oh! Happy Birthday! The last picture is so nice! I love the cake too!

  3. Looks like he had a pretty great day. What did he think of the sparklers on his cake?

  4. It looks like a fabulous day was had by all

  5. So cute and divine photos. Happy birthday Jazzy.

  6. the look on his face says the birthday present was perfect.

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