Getting Fit & Fab. Slowly

Last week, life got in the way of blogging (so rude!), so I missed my first Monday of the month update.

When I start a new diet/exercise regime/eating plan I want to see results next week. At the latest. And by results, I mean I want to have dropped a dress size. At least.

I have highly irrational and completely unrealistic expectations of myself and what my body can actually do.

And the thing about unrealistic expectations and weight loss or fitness is that I then get despondent and think nothing is changing. Nothing is happening. So, I either push myself harder or completely give up. As a teen I would take the push harder route, as I’ve aged, had kids and become more exhausted, I have simply given up. Why use up precious energy on something that wasn’t doing what I wanted it to?

Thankfully, I am now aware of this kink in my thinking and, while I don’t feel like I am looking any different or slimmer I know I am getting fitter and better. I can do more, walk further, run with the kids more. And, while I want to look better, that is no longer my focus. Being healthy is the aim and weight loss will come with that at some point.

Sometimes, getting older is a blessing. Finally, I can see things differently and I will be able to make changes because I am no longer giving up, starting over, being disappointed and giving up all over again.

How is your journey going?
Do you have any linkies/groups you join up with for inspiration? I’d love to hear about them!

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