Privilege and Doing it in a Dress

I missed a lot of school as a teen. I hated my School Phobia and I wanted to be at school with my friends. I just couldn’t. Over the years there have been moments where I have lamented my school years, but mostly I haven’t thought about it too much. It’s done, I turned out (mostly) alright.

With Ellie about to go to school, I’ve had it on my mind a little more. It’s hard not to have it playing on my mind as I look to her educational future. I want her to love school as much as I once did, I want her to make friends, be academic but have fun. I want it to be everything it wasn’t for me.

And, knowing my baby girl is about to go off to learn and be all she can be, I was hit with the truth of our great privilege in this country when I discovered One Girl and Do It In a Dress. It was a click through from a tweet which has really changed my life and hopefully, I will be able to change a life in response.

From the Do It In a Dress site;

A girl born in Sierra Leone is more likely to be sexually assaulted than she is to attend High School. We’re currently supporting 150 girls who are attending Primary and High School as part of our Girl’s Education Program. Each year, we need to raise enough money to keep our girls in school. That includes school fees, books, bags, uniforms, medical care and stationary.

My daughter has an amazing opportunity in front of her, one which I had before her but was unable to fully utilise, one that my youngest daughter will also have in the next couple of years. An opportunity that so many girls do not get, even though they desperately want it.

There’s a pain when I think about how much they want what I was simply given. A pain that I did not live up to the opportunity. I feel I threw it away. Even though I felt I could not go. Even with a medical diagnosis. I feel I let these girls down. These girls, who I have never met, who are decades younger. These girls who want so badly what I seemingly threw away.

And I want to help them.

I am as passionate about doing what I can to help with the educating of these girls as I am about about my daughter’s education. An educated girl becomes a woman who teaches her children and a community is changed. An educated girl can change the world. THAT I believe with all that I am.

And so, I am going to Do It In a Dress. I had hoped to be wearing a dress during December but moving has meant I couldn’t do as much as I want so, whatever I am doing, wherever I am going throughout January – if there will be people to talk to, to see me, then I will be doing it. Getting my first tattoo, that’s the big thing I have planned.

I want to raise awareness, light a fire in others and also raise funds. My initial goal is to get two girls ($480) back in school, hopefully, I will be able to raise the stakes as the month goes on.

I am hoping those who support me and donate will help me think of things to do in my dress. I am excited about doing things that, maybe, boring old me wouldn’t normally do. I dream of going on a jumping pillow in a dress – not a big deal to most, but I think I’ve been on a normal sized trampoline all of twice in my life.

I will be blogging, instagraming, facebooking, tweeting and possibly youtubing throughout and would love you to get involved – share, donate if you can, suggest things I can do in a dress. I want to pay forward the privilege I was given – if that even makes sense.

My advertising revenue for the month of January from both here and our review site will also be donated to the cause and any ads I get this month will go toward my Action Kit, which I would ideally like to have ASAP so I can wear my school dress to the family Christmas we do, so if you’ve ever thought you’d like to advertise on this would be the perfect time to try it out and help a great cause.

I’m excited. And I can’t help but wonder if there’s a monetary point where we might get James to pop on a dress, too?


  1. What a great post and what a wonderful thing you are going to do. AS hard as it is not to have our minds in the past, we have to try and move forward and what a wonderful way for you to do it. Can’t wait to see your tattoo either 🙂

  2. What a wonderful cause – education really does give us so much!

  3. What a great cause.. I wish you well.. I hope you get your target!!

    #teamIBOT was here to say hi!

  4. What a fabulous thing you are doing!

    It breaks my heart when I see posts like this and know I’m not in a position to be able donate to them. Especially when they are such a good cause and will make such an amazing huge difference to a life.

    Good luck with reaching your goal. I think you’re pretty darn amazing.

    Happy iBOT xxx

  5. This is a wonderful cause and I think you are fantastic to be doing this. I hope you exceed your goals. Rachel xx

    #TeamIBOT x

  6. What a great cause Becky! Good luck!

  7. I sell books on ebay to support my charity causes and find this is a great way to raise funds. You can read how I do it under my heading helping others. Might be some ideas in there that you can use. Good luck with your project.

  8. Oh good on you! What a worthy cause to get behind. It is so terrible what so many girls and young women have to endure

  9. Go Becky! I will have a think about what you could do in a dress (don’t worry, it’ll be above board!) and I will check out the website and see what I can do to help too. It’s too easy to forget how good we have it here – thanks for reminding us all of that.

  10. What an amazing cause to put your time and effort into! I love all of the pictures from this cause (I have seen a few other bloggers also posting about it) everyone is so smiling and all of the men in dresses cant help but have a giggle at themselves – such a great way to put a positive spin on a terrible situation (and create awareness).

  11. What an excellent idea. I had not heard about this before so thank you so much for sharing. Education really is so important and too many of us take our for granted.

  12. fantastic cause, hope you achieve your goal!

  13. What a wonderful thing to do. Thanks for sharing it.

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