Wordless Wednesday: Going to the Zoo

I mentioned we had purchased a family membership to Mogo Zoo. We’re loving it. I hope to collect many family memberships to other zoos/parks… where ever I can get my hands on!

Tiger Talk, Simatrian Tiger, Mogo Zoo

Tiger Talk. My favourite.

Lion, African Lion, Mogo Zoo

Feeding time

Lion, African Lion, Mogo Zoo

I can’t get over how big his paws are

Giraffe, Mogo Zoo,

Hello there

Are we as tall as a Giraffe?, Giraffe, Mogo Zoo

Are we as tall as a Giraffe?

Siamang Monkeys, Keeper, Mogo Zoo,

Love the relationship between the keepers and the animals

Mogo Zoo, Meerkat,

So cute

Slater, Beetle, Kate the Slater,

I love that, even at the zoo, my kids are excited to find Kate the Slater

Mogo Zoo, Reptiles, Reptile Enclosure

Jasper LOVED everything.
The whole thing was worth it just for his excitement

Silvery Gibbon, Mogo Zoo, Baby Silvery Gibbon

Love that baby

In bloom

Mogo Zoo

“Puppy! Puppy!” He was wondering why the puppies (pretty much any animal of ‘puppy’ size) were ignoring him..

Mogo Zoo, Deers, Feeding the Deers

Mogo Zoo

They stole my bag!

Purple Flower,

This makes me think of a unicorn

Mogo Zoo, Endangered Exotic Species,

Making friends with a Pygmy Marmoset

I highly recommend you visit Mogo Zoo if you’ve not been before and if you have, go again*!
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* This is NOT a sponsored post, I have not been asked to write this or been given anything to do so.


  1. ooooooh big lion!!!!

    Our zoo seems to be empty alot of the time we go!

  2. I love going to the zoo! What a fun day it would have been.

    I shall now spend the rest of the day singing “We’re going to the zoo, zoo, zoo. How about you, you, you” LOL

  3. Always lots to see at the zoo and always a good day out 🙂

  4. Oh. Giraffe. Love.

    Great photos!

  5. I love Mogo zoo and hope to go there in the middle of the year with my 2 boys. Great photos.

  6. How lovely! We have an annual pass to our local ‘zoo’, although it consists only of native animals. I especially love the photo of the giraffe 🙂

  7. Looks like priceless memories were made.

  8. I love zoos!! Great photos. The tiger one is my favourite too. 🙂

  9. Great shots! I love the picture of the giraffe!

  10. I haven’t been there in years – looks great!

  11. “Wordless Wednesday: Going to the Zoo | Becky and James” seriously causes me personally imagine a small
    amount extra. I really cherished every single section of
    this blog post. Many thanks -Kimberly

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