Wordless Wednesday: My View

When we go to the beach, this is my view. Every time. Without fail.

beach napping, laying down at the beach, at the beach

napping at the beach, sleeping on the beach, napping, beach, at the beach, my view at the beach

Linking with Trish for Wordless Wednesday


  1. Looks like a very relaxing day at the beach! Great photos.

  2. oh what a great series of photos!

  3. Oh my, that top photo is absolutely gorgeous! So, so sweet!

  4. It’s tiring work at the beach, my middle doesn’t even venture to the waves. Lovely series of photos x

  5. Love your view anyway, the beach is awesome …hope you got to dip your feet too.

  6. Between you and me Becky, I would prefer that view of the beach. As I grow older I want to go into the waves less and less – I can’t even remember the last time I got into the water at the beach…lovely photos!

  7. These are beautiful, love the black/white especially.

  8. And what a gorgeous view it is!

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