A Little Romance: A Guide (for my husband)

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Just the other day, James started making it obvious he was shopping online for a special occasion by becoming shifty, a little dodgy and quite questionable and given that I suddenly cannot remember that great post I was going to write tonight (see Tuesday’s post) I thought I would share the things that I would love to be ‘given’ for Valentine’s Day, our 6th wedding anniversary or my 30th birthday. Or, you know, just because.

Why not, right?

The idea for this post came to me when I saw an update from Taronga Zoo about Valentine’s at Taronga Zoo. This. This is exactly what I am wanting. Experiences. Special moments to capture, share and remember. A little romance to interrupt the bum wiping, refereeing, laundry, dog feeding, dinner cooking, everyday.

Following in the same vein, spending a night at Taronga’s Roar and Snore appeals. How amazing would that experience be?

As my children grow, I think more about what I might do once they’re all off at school and I want to build my photography knowledge, ability and portfolio. Whether it will lead to a future career or not, I want to explore this passion I have and I would adore the chance to participate in Mogo Zoom (are you sensing a theme here?).

I know there must be other things like these, but different out there that I will be desperate to experience when I learn of them, but for now from here I move into a more simple romance experience. I think.

Weekends away with lovely dinners – whether it be fancy or fun (a picnic), on a boat or the top story of a tall building – complete with walks hand-in-hand and a trip to the movies. Particularly, if said movie is in Gold Class. With cocktails.

And sleep-ins.

I want all these things with sleep-ins.

What about you? What special experience would you want to take you away from the everyday for a moment?



  1. My husband and I last went away (sand children) almost exactly 10 years ago. I am beyond desperate for a weekend away with him. I want to go to the beach town that’s just half an hour away, sleep in with him on one day – then spend the afternoon at the beach and the movies. I want to wake up with the sun the next day and watch it over the water. Read a book at the beach or adjacent park, sleep the afternoon away and go to dinner.

    It’s kind of specific, isn’t it? Lame?

    • Melissa, you are well past due I’d say! I think it’s anything but lame, it sounds beautiful and perfect and I really hope it happens for you soon!

  2. My husband doesn’t have a romantic bone in his body but that is ok, because at the moment the most romance I want from him is him letting me have a sleep-in while he gets up with Mia, so I hear ya on that!

    And can I just say that Mogo ZOOm thing looks awesome! We went to Mogo Zoo when we were on holidays for our honeymoon back in 2008 and I would love the chance to go back, especially to participate in something so awesome! Urgh, reading that just makes me miss my camera even more!

    • A sleep in. Man, I would love it so much. It’s funny how they don’t get it, isn’t it?

      I am hoping that someone in my family circle reads this and has a light bulb moment and organises for everyone to put in for my 30th – because I am so desperate to do Mogo ZOOm.

      I hope you do get the chance to go back, it has changed so much and it’s just so lovely.

  3. I would love just one sleep in without having to get up to our 3 very early risers, or not to have to worry about getting up to one of them during the night. Gold Class would be awesome, especially with a glass of bubbles! In saying that, just going to the supermarket without my 3 preschool aged children is a break these days 🙂

    • I may be being a little … overly needy with my list. Possibly. I hope you get your night’s sleep!
      I hear you about the shopping alone!

  4. “I want all these things with a sleep-in” – I had a chuckle at that!
    I would LOVE to do the Roar and Snore! I think it would be completely amazing!
    My husband’s a true sappy romantic. He loves doing surprise dates like going to see live music or booking a restaurant that I’ve been dying to go to.
    It’s all about the experiences. No matter how small. But a sleep-in would be an added bonus!

    • I dream big, Grace 😉
      I think I might send my husband to yours for lessons, I would love a surprise anything!


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