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I had a completely different post planned for today, until an email from Michael Clarke (Australian Cricket Captain for those playing along at home who don’t know who I am talking about *cough* James *cough*) reminding me that this week, my family and I had committed to doing the Bupa Family Challenge and start ourselves on a healthier road.

When I first heard about the challenge I jumped on board because I know I need more motivation and getting the whole family involved and accountable is a great way to keep me going and then, I completely forgot about it with all that’s been going on.

And, the truth is, that making healthy choices for my children and teaching them to do so themselves is a million times easier than doing these things for myself. I am a hopeless coke drinker and I feel too tired to doing much more exercise than chasing the children. I am full of excuses and so, this challenge is my way of enlisting my whole family to help me.

I am also taking this opportunity to introduce the kiddos (Ellie in particular) to Healthy Harold. The Life Education Van is such a wonderful memory from school for me and I am excited for when they will get to do the same.

We will be concentrating on eating two pieces of fruit and five servings of vegetables for Ellie in particular as she has a veggie aversion since a little girl at day care told her they cut up your insides and for Jasper and Kahlei the main focus will be brushing their teeth twice a day (without issue).

As a family we will be giving up soft drink and fruit juices and drinking more water for the week, taking a family walk after dinner, cutting out the junk or sometimes foods, starting a gratitude journal and reading a book as a family.

Our biggest challenge for most of these things will be finding an appropriate time to do things as a whole family such as doing our walk and reading a book and what we will substitute our family walk with if the weather continues to be so decidedly horrid.

For me, the obvious difficulty will be giving up my Coke. I know it must be done but it pains me so. I enjoy it and, some days, I really really really need it. And, having had three children constantly at home, with no outside activities since October I am at a point where I need it daily.

I am excited to start and hope we can come away from the challenge feeling good, having made some new habits and maybe kicked some old ones.

Now – how do you feel about getting involved?

Bupa have ever so kindly offered a $100 Visa Gift Card to one reader to help them meet their chosen challenges

To be in the running to win simply tell me your best health mishap. The best, most entertaining answer will win!

Entries close midnight February 12th 2013 (AEST, ie Sydney time). Please note, entry is only open to Australian residents and be sure I have your contact details in case you win!!

If the prize is not claimed within a week, this competition will be redrawn.

Sign up for the Bupa Family Challenge for a great way to motivate yourself and your family into making healthier changes and choices. Feel free to pop by our FB page and share how you’re traveling.

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  1. Dancing in the nightclub.. and then waking up on the floor. Someone’s flying heel hit me in the head and knocked me out. I was rushed to hospital… and had an arm in a cast for a week, as they thought that it was broken. Turned out it wasn’t – but I got a week off work and a wicked blackeye from the high heel!

  2. We were recently training for our first aquathon with a very scared 14 year old who thought something might get her in the harbour. So we did a trial swim to show her everything would be fine, except we got stung by bluebottles in the harbour. Not the confidence boost we were hoping for!

  3. Once upon a decade ago, I was brushing my teeth and chatting away at the same time, as you do, when my then boyfriend (now husband) said something funny and I laughed. And inhaled some toothpaste. Most painful thing ever. And then I started coughing toothpaste bubbles. I don’t talk and brush anymore!

  4. I’ve been trying to give up diet coke and wine. Hard to do both at the same times. I have been sneaking the occasional DC out of the shops and smuggling it home, cause it feels less naughty somehow…

  5. I gotta tell yah I think my life will be empty without a few vices – however I must think long term health wise…
    As for health mishap – hiding in my pantry to scoff chippies and biscuits so my kids wouldn’t see and want some – what a bad role model – I seriously need help!

  6. I decided after two kids thats I needed to get fit, so I started going to a martial arts class which I loved. It took me a while and a broken toe, crushed finger, black eye, too many bruises to count and various other ailments, before I realised that it might be healthier for me to find a slighlty more gentle form of exercise!!

  7. I decided to join a gym a couple of years ago. I wasn’t terribly unfit or overweight at that time but after stopping the sport of competitive rowing, I was feeling quite sluggish. I arrived there for the first time, all kitted out and ready to roll, and the instructor decided that a circuit would be a good start.

    He proceeded to show me the various stations and equipment and said that he would watch me on each one to make sure I was using it properly and to correct any technique problems.

    So the first thing was a mini-tramp. On I get and start jogging away. After five jogs, I twisted my ankle so badly (turned out to be ligament damage) that I couldn’t even walk back to my car. He had to carry me (lucky he was a former Mr Australia!). I ended up on crutches for weeks which rather dampened all my good intentions and has left me with a dodgy ankle ever since!

  8. Hubby’s mishap actually told to me by son ride along side on his scooter!
    Going jogging with the dog when a pretty woman catches his eye.
    Doesn’t watch where he is running trips over the dog and lands in a bush.
    Gets up and proceeds to tell the poor dog off for getting in his way and tripping him up!

  9. Years ago I had to find one of mum’s many cats, over the back fence. We had some old railway sleepers down there so propped them against the fence. Yep you guessed it…they gave way, the square headed nails cut right through to the muscle of my upper leg…needless to say I got my own ambulance, ordered the best room and doctor…lol…and yes we found the cat…

  10. I got severe food poisoning in London when my husband and I visited for a holiday 3 years ago. Unfortunately I was exploding through both ends and needed an ambulance to take me to the nearby hospital. When the ambulance officers arrived at our hotel room, they escorted me to the lift. As the lift was going down, I threw up into the hotel bin, but the sudden action caused me to have an explosion in my pants right when the lift doors opened and people were waiting to go into the hotel. I was terribly embarssed but couldn’t help being so sick. I ended up staying the night in hospital and had to have a few iv bags to get rehydrated. It wasn’t fun, but I do laugh now!

  11. Me, Grade 7. Footy with the boys. The next thing someone turned the lights out. When I woke up, I was surrounded by a host of startled – and worried – boys and a very sore head. My first and last game of football!

  12. My sister was complaining of stiff, sore muscles and back, so I tld her some Epsom Salts and a good soak in the bath would help. Little did I know that she thought that the Epsom Salts needed to be consumed – and not added to the bath water – let’s just say she gave herself a good clean-out internally and I had to clean up the mess!

  13. Best health mishap, I was in the shower shaving my legs, slipped landed extremely awkwardly causing excrutiating pain to my collarbone, presumed broken. My husband and I were separated, but still living together. I had to call out to him to come in, help me dry and dress, then we went to the hospital where because of the area we live in and his appearance (Polynesian) they assumed he beat me. Totally fun night that was, lol. The only way I managed to finally convince them he hadn’t was because one leg was shaved, the other was not.

  14. Not very entertaining but a health mishap nonetheless. I bought an expensive protein powder meal replacement & had it for breakfast & lunch for 3 weeks. I didn’t snack & made sure I had sensible dinners. When I weighed myself at the end, I actually put ON 1kg. Totally unimpressed, especially as it tasted disgusting.

  15. Around 4 Years Back was out on a walk with my Mum when she had an Asthma Attack. We were about 2 Kms from home when I had to run Back home to get her Inhaler as fast as I could while she waited on the bench. Picked up the Inhaler and ran back to her in time. That evening I realised my running Potential and started running.Since then I have taken up running and have run a number of Half and full marathons. Thanks Mum…..

  16. In grade 5 I took up dancing. Around came my first end of year concert and mum had invited our entire family, friends and pretty much everyone we knew! Our opening dance involved two rows of girls cartwheeling in opposite directions. 3 cartwheels into the routine, a wonky cartwheeler crossed into my row, kicking me across the head sending my flying to the other side of the stage… concussed and toothless! My dad managed to catch the whole blunder on camera, so its now added to the collection of ’embarrassing childhood videos’

  17. This happened a while ago. I had my period, but decided to go to the beach with dad. Whilst wearing my bikini, dad pointed at me and said “you have string stuck on your bikini”

  18. I had wanted to give bikram yoga a try
    thinking a little heat wouldn’t make me die
    but within minutes I felt too hot
    and tried to find a cooler spot.
    With no relief in sight
    I attempted yoga with all my might
    but this attempt at becoming fit
    didn’t really help a bit
    because within half an hour,
    I had run for a cold shower!


  19. oh where do I start. I have two left feet which constantly trip me over during step class. The other day I tried running on the treadmill as I though what could possibly go wrong….everything! I didn’t trip over my feet I ended up tripping over my shoe lace instead 🙁

  20. When I was about six I was at a friend’s place and slipped while playing tips in the house. I cut my head on the metal inside of the wheel on a roller office chair. Her mum – who was a trained nurse! – mistook the small dash of blood on my forehead to be the cut, until the blood had soaked through my hair and she realised I had a much deeper gash right across my scalp. She then took me home and left it for my mum to rush me off to the emergency doctor!!!!! Needless to say I didn’t have many play dates there after that….

  21. I taught my son to ride a balance bike, then a bike with training wheels and more recently a bike without training wheels. So for Christmas Santa bought me a bike! It’s been 20-odd years since I’ve ridden one but as they say “it’s like riding a bike, you never forget”.
    Turns out you do. Well, I did. I can balance enough to travel in a straight line but can’t turn! I’m scared the whole time and my feet keep jumping off the pedals onto the ground to save me. An embarrassing mishap.

  22. I have the most delightful health mishap. After having fertility treatment for my two precious girls and enduring horrendous pregnancies, my OB advised me to take birth control just incase and that I should really consider having now more children. Pfft I said, I am infertile. We tried remember and those little girlies were near on impossible to get here! Less than 12 months later, I was holding my beautiful boy and I had 3 children in 3 years one week. At the time I was thinking “perhaps I should have taken the doctors advice??”, now I could not feel more blessed!

  23. My mothers whole pantry is a health mishap waiting to happen. The woman is a hoarder! She has medications (panadol etc) that is 3 years out of date!

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