Wordless Wednesday: Family Pics

Why is it almost easier to get a nice photo of a family of Siamangs than of your own family?

Linking with Trish for Wordless Wednesday


  1. That really makes me laugh – what a gorgeous brood you have there!

    • Which one 😉
      Thanks, Emily!

  2. I’m sure I see some resemblance there! Cute. 🙂

    • Haha, I think you’re right there!

  3. Ha ha I love your post.

    • Thanks Tamara

  4. Now thats funny!

    • Thank you Jacana

  5. This is so so true. Imagine the shit images we would have with no digital!

    • I know! I am so glad we have digital! I can imagine trying to not take too many to save film only to discover what I DID take was crap!

  6. Great shots!
    Glad to see im not alone in having slight issues of getting a nice shot of my kids.

    • Thanks Jane and you’re certainly not alone!

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