Smile File: January

We all know that, sometimes, life can be tough. It can be dark. It can be sad and the news is always geared toward the bad, the sensational. I have started ‘collecting smiles’ and filing them away. I strongly believe these moments that I file away to help on the harder days should be shared.

So, I wanted to start a monthly feature here highlighting the good, the fun, the smiles because I know they’re out there. It might be personal good news, it might be something I’ve seen on Facebook or anything else I find during the month.

Last Monday, my grandparents celebrated their 57th wedding anniversary. I took the photo above during the family Christmas we have at the end of December and it is my absolute favourite from the whole time. In fact, it might actually be my favourite photo of them ever. It perfectly captures them.

57 beautiful, perfect years. Still adoringly devoted so many years on.

There are some pretty talented people out there. I love that YouTube has made it possible for us to see and enjoy the talents of those who are not (yet) mainstream. This, people, is my cousin Jake and his friend. Jake is the youngest of 16 grandchildren and I am the oldest – seeing and hearing him here, all grown up and amazing practically made me burst with pride.

Now, I know it’s not nice to laugh at another person’s misfortune but this post over at Maxabella Loves literally had me in stitches. While you’re there check out her other posts if you’ve not visited her before (as if), she can often leave me with a smile.

I am practically obsessed with this video. I just love it, if you haven’t seen it you should – even if (like me) you’re afraid of spiders. It’s SO worth it.

* Image Credit: Jessica Elle

Last month, I was also thrilled to hear one of my ‘sisters’ got engaged – it’s been a long, sometimes bumpy road for her and I am over the moon for her. BUT to top it off, Jess asked me to be a bridesmaid for her!I am so completely stoked. And terrified. What does a bridesmaid do, anyway? Also, Getting Fit and Fab is now totally Operation Bridesmaid. Follow Jess’ journey to the alter on her new blog; Jessica Elle.

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What made you smile in January?





  1. 57 years, that is definitely something to smile about, the way they are looking at each other is adorable!! I think your duties as bridesmaid are to ensure ‘Bridezilla’ isn’t released! 😉 x Karen #TeamIBOT

  2. 57 years…. wow!!! truly amazing. This has made me smile xx

  3. Congrats on being a bridesmaid – you’ve got some fun times ahead of you. And I laughed out loud when the spider shovelled salt over his head and the voice sounded muffle, thanks for the laugh – I needed it. And I smiled also at your grandparents – bless, Emily x

  4. That first photo is beautiful Now that’s love. I hope I get to experience that kind of love.

  5. That spider cracked me up!! And I hate spiders!!
    The smile file is a great idea Becky. Good on you for being proactive and finding joy 🙂

  6. 57 years! That is SUCH a long time- they do look so much in love. It’s beautiful. You have a talented cousin 🙂 And that spider-hilarious!

  7. What a fabulous post!!! LOVE the grandparents picture… You cousin has a great voice and I don’t like spiders so skipped that part….

    BEAUTIFUL ring!!! Bridesmaid doesn’t do much until the day (apart from wedding dress fittings and organising hens night)….. but on the day make sure the bride is dressed and ready before you head off.. (as my sisters were out the door before I said uhmm I am not dressed yet!

    🙂 FYBF xx

  8. I couldn’t get myself to click on that spider video.


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