The First Week; Done and Dusted

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We have officially survived Ellie’s first week of school.


Your first child starting school is somewhat like when you first bring home said child. You put in hours and hours of ‘preparation’, often to a point where you feel like you couldn’t possibly need to know anything more – you’re so ready and then BAM! You bring that baby home and you realise that nothing was ever really going to prepare you. Not even close.

So, we did all the right things. From orientation to reading a little book about the school to wearing the uniform and practicing with the bag and lunch box.

Before she began, I worried. I wondered; was it enough?

Not in the ‘knowledge’ sense, but in a ‘life’ sense. I have no doubt that where ever she is starting with her ABC’s and 123’s is irrelevant now. What she knows, she knows well and it will be a good starting point for her to build on and develop from. It’s everything else I worry about.

Not once did I wonder if I had done enough to prepare the rest of the family. But, I possibly should have, because let me tell you, it was not even close to enough.

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A full week and two days down and I am hanging out for holidays (when do they start? Tomorrow?) and am shaking my head at the thought of having to do this for 5 days a week for the rest of the term, let alone a year.

Our days are completely disrupted. Everyone is overly emotional. We’ve had tears about the most ridiculous things, and that doesn’t just go for the children. During the day, Jasper and Kahlei miss Ellie so much but as soon as she’s home the three of them are screaming like banshees at each other.

I feel like I’ve gone from one crazy situation straight into another without a break and then topped it off with starting something I was completely ill prepared for. I want to put my hands out and yell for a time out.

I feel like we’re on the edge as a family, I am trying to tie all the loose ends and hold on, ready to pull us all back to safety. To organise and sync and get everything running smoothly. But, the more I try the less I feel like we’re getting it together.

I yearn for our carefree days where we could do what we wanted. I would love to go back to the times of being able to have the shopping done and be home by 9, ready to do something fun. I miss nap time. Man, do I miss nap time.

Tell me it gets better?





  1. I don’t know if it ever gets better – you just exchange one crazy routine for another!

    • I have to admit, I was hoping for a resounding “Yes! It gets better and easier and happier” 😉

  2. My son started a few weeks ago and I feel much the same – when are holidays? And do I really need to do this drop off/pick up thing at the same time, every day, for the next 13 years!?!?!? HELP! let’s not forget about worrying if he’s eating all his lunch, or if he’s eaten it all and is still hungry? He’s an only child though, so I don’t have the siblings to contend with, but he’s definitely still adjusting to the new environment, new routine, etc. It’s hard but I’m sure it WILL get better – right before it’s time to move into grade 1 next year and start all over again with new teacher/classroom/classmates. -Aroha #teamIBOT

    • Haha, yes, I am sure you are exactly right – we will get it all together just as the year ends and then we’ll have to start all over again and I’ll have another starting so I’ll have to get used to THAT. Argh.

  3. We are into the seventh year of schooling in this house ands really wish I could sit and tell you it will all be over soon and life will return to a new normal and all will be peaches and cream. Instead I send you some fairy wishes and butterfly kisses while we count down the days to the holidays together

    • Thank you. I think I am going to need those fairy wishes and butterfly kisses to get me through!

  4. I can’t really comment… no school yet for me. But I do know that it is forever a journey, and sometimes nothing can prepare you. Like motherhood and parenthood. You can read all the books, but nothing still prepares you.

    Just trust you are doing all the right things, and take each step as they come.

    And holidays will now have a whole new meaning too and something to look forward to


    • Thank you. You’re so right, it is a continuous journey. I really appreciate your comment – it’s easy to get overwhelmed and forget to trust yourself.

  5. It sure is hard right? I’ve got 2 younger than school age (and my son has the same monkey backpack as yours) and it’s HARD with 3 drop offs! I’m with you and feel your pain !! Hang in there 🙂

    • I do three drop offs of a Thursday and it’s not awesome. I did manage to have everyone where they needed to be today in some amazing miracle.
      I hope your week has been easier than the last week!

  6. School pick up ruins every day! The little ones have to get in the car and wait around or stop and pack up what they are doing…maybe when they are all there it gets easier – I am not sure, but the routine does set in eventually.

    • I think school pick up should be illegal because, you’re right, it does in fact ruin every day.

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