The Week that Keeps on Giving

in the ED, Asthma Attack, entertaining kids in the Emergency Department, entertaining kids in the hospital

Emergency Entertainment: When in doubt, make a glove Mohawk.

After a lovely weekend celebrating my Nan’s 80th birthday (check out my cousin’s beautiful photos of the party, too), this week has been decidedly ridiculous.

Starting with Monday afternoon when I picked up an emotional Ellie. We dropped Kahlei at her dance class and sat outside the hall and Ellie was whingy, clingy and suddenly going down hill fast. Soon she was fitfully sleeping on my lap, clammy and obviously unwell. It was a long ballet lesson.

But, as usual, she picked up fast and was in school Tuesday. Jasper, on the other hand spent Monday night barely sleeping, feeling unwell and being a grump. Tuesday night was spent in much the same way. Little sleep, lots of grumping.

Mid morning Wednesday I decided to take him to a doctor after getting some FB advice (thank you!) on a video of his breathing. As a new Asthma mum I am really struggling with when to escalate to a trip to the GP or ER. He picked up, we were sent home but within an hour I wasn’t happy with how he was doing so I packed my two homebodies up and went to get Ellie from school.

I went to her class only to be met with her hiding under the table, crying and carrying on that I was taking her early. A whole 25 minutes early. The way she was carrying on made me look like the Worst Mother Ever (why else would a child carry on so about going home?). I then had to carry her on one hip and an unwell Jasper on the other all the way from her class to the car, with her screeching that she didn’t want to leave the whole time.

Then we spent hours in the ED. Three kids, one on adrenalin and a tired Mumma all piled into one cubicle and surrounded by equally grumpy (and vocal) patients isn’t that fun.

We got let go because of a man who arrived in an Ambulance, even thought the nurse wasn’t keen to send Jasper home.

And, today? Well. While dropping only one child at Day Care I backed into another parent’s car. Talk about making friends. I’ve never done anything like that before, I was mortified and spent the morning, in the rain crying and apologising to the man who’s car I hit. Of course, he was lovely and wasn’t outwardly cursing the crazy crying lady in the rain.

So, now I’m snuggled on the couch with my sick boy, pale from crying with a husband who is barely talking to me and a bill of an unknown sum hanging over my head at a time when we can’t really afford it. Not to mention the resulting rise our premiums will have applied upon renewal. Suddenly, I feel a whole lot of pressure to be making money (or, more pressure, I already felt the need to be able to pay for gifts and so on with ‘my own’ money) and I have no idea where to start. I do have advertising slots available on the right if you’re interested. I feel like James might not ever forgive me if I can’t take some of the strain off.

Pick up for Ellie is an hour and a half away and I don’t feel like I ever want to get in the car again. I especially don’t ever want to get in the car and go to Day Care, which could be a problem for Kahlei.

So, Friday, if you could see fit to be a little kinder I would greatly appreciate it.


  1. Fingers crossed Friday is nicer to you. I just wanted to let you know you are not alone with a child wh carries on about going home …. Mr 4 screams, yells and runs away everytime I pick him up from Kindy! The worst time would have been when he yelled ‘I hate you Mum’ ‘Don’t you are hurting’ (I wasn’t touching him at the time) and ‘I am not going home with you’ I couldn’t get out of there fast enough. Thankfully after 4 terms he now only squeals and runs *sigh*

  2. Oh how I LOVE glove ‘things’! It’s amazing how many cool things and animals etc that can be made with a simple glove. Fish made with ECG sticker eyes seem to be a favorite with the kiddies in the ambulance lol. Hope your week finishes much much better Becky!! 🙂

  3. Those days are the worst. I’m sorry you had such a rough trot. Today is Friday and although it’s miserable and wet, I hope you’ve had good start to the day. It’s almost the weekend, after all. X

  4. Hoping your day/week improves. Cute photos!

  5. I had an asthmatic toddler and was always tormented by trying to decide wehter he’s sort things out with a bit of extra Ventolin or whether we needed to pack up and decamp for the hospital. I’ve defintely been where you are and it can suck really hard sometimes. Wishing you a much better weekend and a fresh start next week. Rach xx

  6. I hope today was better for you – have a rough week too – bills, sick kids, head lice, etc etc. !! Hang in there 🙂

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