Smile File: February

We all know that, sometimes, life can be tough. It can be dark. It can be sad and the news is always geared toward the bad, the sensational. I have started ‘collecting smiles’ and filing them away. I strongly believe these moments that I file away to help on the harder days should be shared.

So, I wanted to start a monthly feature here highlighting the good, the fun, the smiles because I know they’re out there. It might be personal good news, it might be something I’ve seen on Facebook or anything else I find during the month.

Sydney, Sydney Eye Tower, Taronga Zoo, Fire Works, Swissotel Sydney

This month we went to Sydney for a mini break which we desperately needed. Sharing firsts with my Munchies and seeing the joy each new experience brought them was pure delight. From staying in the Swissotel Sydney where they were thrilled to find their half of the room decked out with toys and bright colours to their first ‘fairy’ ride, visiting Taronga Zoo, an unexpected fireworks display from our window and visiting Sydney Eye Tower. It was just what we needed.

This special dance recital of The Dag and The Diva still has me smiling. I love what Jasper is wearing and I doubly love that he picked it all. He couldn’t find a tutu like Kahlei’s so went with the holey stocking tops. So very fashionable.

This month, during some of the flooding up in Queensland one of my cousins was due to get married. He was in one place and his bride-to-be in another, separated by the flood waters. In a modern day miracle, the SES brought her across in their boat so that they could get married and I (along with so many others) were treated to a visual feast of loveliness from their honeymoon via Instagram.

Okay. Dub Step. Harlem Shake. If you’ve not seen (or heard) a million YouTube videos of these two … things … then, you’re obviously not living in my house. I, for one, don’t get the Harlem Shake and if you don’t either then the video above is the Shake for you. I literally cracked it. And, I’m so old I hear myself saying “That’s not music, that’s just noise” every time I hear any kind of dub or step. The transition into my parents is officially complete. Having said that, this impersonation is pretty impressive and worth a watch.

Having Kahlei tell me “I won’t wipe your kisses off because I love you soo much!”

friends through the ages, BFF, Best friends forever, forever friends,

My nan turned 80 towards the end of February and we all gathered to celebrate with her. Seeing her so happy to have all her five children, 11 out of 16 grandchildren and 3 of 4 great grandchildren surrounding her made my heart practically burst, but my absolute favourite moment was between my nan and her best friend, Aunty Jill (left). After nan opened her present, Aunty Jill said “What a pity it wasn’t a laptop, then we could have been on Facebook together.” Seriously love these two.

Cousins, Playing, Celebrating

I have amazing cousins. I alternate between tearing up and breaking out into big stupid smiles when I watch these teens and adults play with my babies. Here they are playing heads down, thumbs up at my nan’s party. My children have no idea just how lucky they are to have these people as their family – I will be making sure they know as they grow up. Seriously amazing. I wish I could just take one of each of them home with me.

cute, dork, tie, my love

This man. Wearing our sons tie. My favourite.

So, tell me, what made you smile during February? Feel free to link to any smile making posts/videos in the comments, I’d love to check them out.


  1. We just got back from a weekend away and we had more smiles than we have had in ages. Was so lovely! You post is the post that has given me the biggest smile of the day. And I have to ask who cheated the most in headsdown thumbs up – my brother always cheats!

    • Aren’t weekends away so good. I am thinking we should have another already! And thank you so much for such kind words. I had hoped that sharing my smiles would leave others happy, too.
      Jasper was the biggest cheat, for sure. Even when he was not ‘in’ he would get up, press thumbs and then sit down for the heads up bit. Then he would stand up like he’d been chosen! But, at two, what can you expect!

  2. Reading your post made me smile as well. Looked like you had a lovely weekend, always makes me smile to see people appreciating how lucky they are.

    Fairy wishes and butterfly kisses lovely

  3. Thanks for such a cute post that made me a smile – life can be tough at times. I just have to put one foot after another – great cousins you have there 🙂 Em

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