Real Life Wednesday: The Boxes


Do you know, we’ve lived here since the end of December and there are STILL unpacked boxes in my house. I hate it but am completely unsure of what do do with their contents given we have a distinct lack of storage space. And I’m oh-so-tired, I just want to pretend they’re not there.

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  1. We’re in the same boat. Downsized houses and we’ve got too much stuff! We’ve had all the nasty asbestos removed from the outbuildings now though, so once there are walls on them again, we’ll be shifting some things out there!

  2. Lol. Becky? I’ve been here a YEAR and 3 months and I STILL have a few unpacked boxes =O

  3. When we moved from our last home after six and a half YEARS, I still had boxes I had never unpacked. Yep, I’m that girl.
    Got here via Real Life Wednesday! 🙂

  4. There is only one thing worse than packing boxes… and that is unpacking them.

  5. Unpacking can be quite difficult, even way difficult than packing itself. But then again, sooner or later you will still have to do it, so you might as well do it now. There are plenty of online resources to guide you with the whole process. You can ask your family members to help you out with it over the weekends.;)

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