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I like to think of Pinterest as a magical place. It’s full of beauty and wonder, inspiration and the occasional scary thing. I’ve pinned many things I would love to try but never ever will. And, then there are the things that I think I might do but really know I won’t and then surprise myself when I randomly decide to try them.

I thought I might start sharing my Pinterest inspired projects, whether they’re easy or hard, a success or complete failure. I’d love you to share any Pinterest inspired posts in the comments, inspire me some more!

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Today, we were outside riding our bikes when Kahlei took the opportunity to stop and pick up some ‘treasures’. My girl, she loves to collect. Everywhere we go, she stops and gathers all she sees. She has a box by her bed where she keeps odds and ends. Today, when she happily showed me her finds I suddenly remembered I had pinned a post for creating Nature Bracelets.

I dashed inside to my tape collection, grabbed my widest and what I thought would hold her finds best. We wrapped it loosely around her wrist with the sticky side out and there we have it; a lovely starting point for my nature loving, curiosity filled, arty/crafty girl.

Pinterest Inspired, Pinterest Made me do it, Nature, Nature craft, nature activities,

Jasper wasn’t sure at first but after Kahlei had excitedly shown us some of her finds he wanted in.

Kid's activities, kid's nature actiities, kid's craft activities, pinterest inspired

They spent some time on their treasure hunt, scouring our surroundings for little finds. At one stage Jasper was trying to catch an ant to stick to his bracelet, but he wasn’t fast enough.

I can see us doing this again on our walks and bike rides and visits to the beach. It’s easy, they love it, they’re learning about their surroundings and to pay attention as well as work those fine motor skills. What’s not to love?

pinterest inspired, kid's nature activities, activity ideas, kid's activities

What has Pinterest made you do lately?



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  1. I blame you for my Pinterest obsession =p I love using it for ideas of what I’d like at my wedding, fitness inspiration and just browsing in general.

    • I have NO idea what you’re talking about 😉

  2. I had forgotten all about this idea! off to pin it now 😉

  3. Thank you so much for linking back to me. I’m so glad you enjoyed it. Love the pictures!

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