Wordless Wednesday: First Lost Tooth

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I guess she’s really well and truly no longer my baby. Today, she told me that daddy asks where his little Ellie is gone and when I replied that I do, too, she told me “I ate baby Ellie.”

That’s that, then.

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  1. LOL that’s so cute. What a beautiful smile! They grow up too quickly…

    • WAY too quickly!!

  2. ooooh that is just too cute to boot!!! Love that.. I ate Baby Ellie!!!!

    • She thinks it was a good line, too, I heard her rehashing the conversation with her father this morning!

  3. How old is she? My girl is nearly 5 and doesn’t seem to be anywhere near having wobbly teeth!

    • Ellie is 5 and a half and this is her first. I was a little worried as she neared five without even a hint a a wobbly tooth. So, don’t worry!

  4. What a cute piccie! I had a kid in my class lose a tooth yesterday! Grosses me out just quietly! Lol…

    • Wobbly teeth freak me out. I was relieved when it came out because she had been wiggling and waggling it in front of me every chance she got!

  5. Beautiful photo. My twins are almost 7 and have lost all four front teeth, the end of a toothless era for our family. Sad!! Kids look so sweet when toothless.

    • Oh, no! I don’t like the thought of these stages coming to an end.
      I love how she looks with it out and the little lisp she has now! Totally adorable.

  6. Lovely photo. I love seeing them grow up.

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