Do you let them make their own Easter hat?

Making an Easter Hat, Letting children create their own Easter Hat,

Yesterday morning a mother of one of Ellie’s friends asked her if she had finished her Easter Hat for today’s parade. I had been under the impression that they were making it in class and suddenly I needed to gather supplies.

So, I got set up and after school pick up we got stuck in. Obviously, even though Ellie’s the only one involved in a parade, we needed three hats so I let Ellie and Kahlei do what they wanted while Jasper did some see-through painting thanks to Kate of Picklebums and I made his hat.

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The aftermath

We made a mess and, at the end had four Easter hats (Kahlei made one for daddy, too) and an Easter basket made from the left over bits and pieces. There were all rightfully proud of their creations and, as I added a photo to Instagram, tagging it #EasterHatParade, as you do when you’re an over-sharing IG addict like me. I took a look at other photos under the hash tag and it got me wondering if Ellie will be one of few who made her own hat alone.

And, I worried, because even this early in her school life Ellie has been singled out for wearing different shoes to the majority. I didn’t want her to be teased because she hadn’t had me as help her. In fact, I momentarily considered offering her Jasper’s before realising that maybe my hat had that ‘parent made’ look about it but it definitely wasn’t better.

Easter Hat Parade, Making Easter Hats,

I strongly believe in the process of my children’s creating. I don’t set out supplies with an intention for what they might become, although, at the very beginning of my mothering when Ellie started painting at 9 months, I did. Arts and crafts are not about the end product but about the experience of how they get there. I believe they should be allowed to make mess and mistakes and be proud of what they produce.

There is much to learn through the bringing their imagining to being, from the exploration of materials. Today, both girls had to figure out how to make their feathers and eggs stay on. It wasn’t easy. Even I had issues with it on Jasper’s hat but both gave their problem solving muscles a good work out and soon had things as they wanted. I am more than happy to assist or offer ideas if they request it but mostly they are happy to nut it out themselves.

Easter Hat, Creating an Easter hat, Easter Hat Creation

Jasper’s Easter Hat aka My Creation

I love to flex my own creativity muscles and thoroughly enjoyed making one for Jasper while he did his thing but this will be the only time. Next year he will be able to make his own and I have to admit that is a little sad for me. I don’t think it’s bad for parents to want to help out and get involved. It’s fun, therapeutic and a great way to connect. My grumpy self needed to get some glue on her hands and calm down.

Offering my hat would never have worked, either. They all assume it’s ‘hair’ I’ve made instead of grass, “Very lovely green hair”, at least theirs resembles the rabbit they intended to make and won’t confuse!

A close up of the glitter on Jasper’s hat because no one will appreciate it but me

I don’t think our way is best, it’s just best for us and I am so looking forward to seeing her proudly wearing her own hat tomorrow and am curious to see what other children take and I am a little worried that this will become one of ‘those things’ that you see in movies where it’s a competition like kid’s parties (it’s not REALLY like that is it?). It’s not it is?

Do you let your children make their own Easter hats?


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