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If there is one thing that could excite my husband more than a new LEGO set, it would be LEGO teaming up with Ferrari and Shell to create six exclusive Ferrari model LEGO cars.

Seriously, the man is OBSESSED with all things LEGO. He reads forums, scouts out the best deals and practically salivates at the sight of new sets. Our walk-in-robe has been dubbed ‘Daddy’s LEGO Church’ by Ellie, no idea where she got the name but it is apt and, anyway, who needs room to house clothing when you can have ALL THE LEGO.

Closely following his love of all things bricks is his love of motorsport. And, if you love cars you love Ferraris, yes?

Ferarri, Shell, Lego, Ferarri Lego, WIN

The models recreated are the; Ferrari 150° Italia, Ferrari 250 GT Berlinetta passo corto, Ferrari F40, Ferrari FXX, Ferrari 458 Italia and a Scuderia Ferrari Truck. The details of each are pretty awesome.

They are super cute and clever, not to mention that they have a pull-back motor (the smallest produced by LEGO Group) which means they GO. Apparently, we have been neglectful parents because neither of my girls knew how to make them ‘drive themselves’ and I know my boy will loose his mind in the morning when I show him.

LEGO, LEGO Ferrri, Pull-motor, LEGO play

The development of the mini-motor took over 18 months, expressing the spirit of technological innovation and improved performance that is at the heart of Shell V-Power fuel and Shell’s partnership with Ferrari. Thanks to this dedication, the cars are capable of performing over 300 pulls and can travel up to two metres.

I can see many, many hours of fun and bonding for James and the kids with these.

Lego car, shell, Ferarri, WIN LEGO

From Monday 18 March, customers have been able to purchase the limited edition Ferrari model Lego collectibles exclusively at Shell Coles Express sites across Australia. Each week a new model will be available for 6 weeks.

You can purchase these cars for $6 each with a $40 purchase of Shell V-Power or for $8 without a fuel purchase. Want to add these to your collection (or Lego Church) but not sure where your nearest V-Power stockist is? You can download the Shell Motorist App (for iPhone or Android) to find out.

What’s that? You can’t wait for each car to be release a week at a time? Well, I just happen to have a complete set of all 6 cars to giveaway AS WELL AS the specifically created Shell Lego minifig set, which is one of only 2000 sets available in Australia. The lucky winner will receive both the cars and the minifigures.

Winner will receive the following;

  • Ferrari 150° Italia 30190
  • Ferrari 250 GT Berlinetta  30193
  • Ferrari F40 30192
  • Ferrari FXX 30195
  • Ferrari 458 Italia 30194
  • a Scuderia Ferrari Truck 30191
  • Minifigs 30196

Shell Lego Ferarris, Lego, WIN LEGOAll six cars

Shell LEGO Minifig Giveaway

To be in the running to win this great prize, simply guess how many Lego pieces are in the picture below and enter your answer in the rafflecopter widget. Check out our Facebook page for some photos from different angles to help you with your entry.

LEGO competition, LEGO giveaway, LEGO Shell Ferrari,

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Good luck!


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  1. So I went to all the trouble of counting the Lego in your names, and then realised that really wouldn’t help me at all!
    Cool giveaway idea though. I find it amusing James has ‘girl’ Lego 🙂

    • Oh Jess!
      I can’t take any credit for the idea, James came up with it (and created it) while I was still wondering what to do.
      Technically, the girl Lego is Ellie and Kahlei’s, although, I do believe James thinks of it all as his 😉 I maybe should have said my kids like/love/play with LEGO too? But, with a husband this obsessed it’s hard to remember!

  2. That is a lot of lego! My husband is infatuated with Lego too as is my daughter. It’s a great daddy and daughter activity because dad can build better castles/buildings than mummy!

    • And it’s not even all of it. We have lots. But, if you ask my husband you can never have too much. Both my girls love it and so does my son and I agree, it’s wonderful daddy time and I’ve seen the benefit of that special time.

  3. bahaha what a fantastic giveaway question

    • Thanks Elise, we wanted to do something different!

  4. lol great way to keep the kids quiet for a while. Here boys count the lego in this photo and you could win some 🙂 Yep I can totally see that happening tomorrow.

    • Haha! I love that idea! Maybe I can make my kids do it to and give them a ‘prize’, or you know, let them play with the cars. I’d do just about anything for some quiet right now!

  5. Hubby and 3 sons all F1 and Lego mad! Great prize 🙂

    • Good luck Sonia! They’re so cool. We’re motor racing fans, too (well, the hubs likes the F1s, I prefer the V8’s).

  6. I love your name in Lego!! Tres Cool!

    • Isn’t it? I was polishing up the post and James was at the Lego table, working away. I had no idea what he was up to. We’re totally keeping it on our entry stand. The kids have enough LEGO, they don’t need those pieces 😉

  7. A tip for everyone: the flowers are actually 4 separate bricks. The petals are part 3742 and the stems are part 3741.

  8. Awesome giveaway. My kids would love this.

  9. Funnily enough my Dad would be stoked with these – hes an avid model car collector

  10. I find these guess the number things very hard! Oh well, I gave it a shot 🙂

    • We wanted to try something new as picking winning entries was getting so hard! Good luck!

  11. my kids love it


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