Smile File: March

We all know that, sometimes, life can be tough. It can be dark. It can be sad and the news is always geared toward the bad, the sensational. I have started ‘collecting smiles’ and filing them away. I strongly believe these moments that I file away to help on the harder days should be shared.

So, I wanted to start a monthly feature here highlighting the good, the fun, the smiles because I know they’re out there. It might be personal good news, it might be something I’ve seen on Facebook or anything else I find during the month.

made me smile

Visiting Mogo Zoo

I took a clown to Mogo Zoo for lunch with the monkeys. A pure joy filled afternoon of colour and laughter, memories and moments we wouldn’t normally get. What’s not to love?

made me smile

Learning to Ride a bike

Early on in March, Jasper learned to ride a bike (with training wheels) for the first time and has been obsessed ever since. He powers up and down our street with his chubby little legs working like crazy. It looks like he shouldn’t be able to do it, he’s still in that awkward stage of bad co-ordination but he does. He’s proud. I’m proud.

Learning to ride a bike without training wheels

And Ellie learned to ride a big girl bike without training wheels. In under half an hour. having never had training wheels ever. I’m pretty sure it took me forever to learn to ride. Kids these days, hey? Since then she has been growing in confidence and skill and I just love to watch her.

made me smile

Canberra Weekend

We went to Canberra to visit Nanna and had a lovely jam-packed weekend full of animals and Skyfire. Or ‘noise’, as Jasper likes to call fireworks.

made me smile

School Stuff

March saw many little bits and pieces happening at school and, luckily, they have all been on Thursday so I’ve been able to go without grumpy or bored littlies. There’s been a recycling song in assembly, a Harmony Day dance, the Easter Hat Parade and a police visit. My heart swells watching her doing these things. It’s all so bitter sweet.

made me smile

James and I celebrated our 6th wedding anniversary. 6 amazing years. It’s hard to believe that I have been so blessed to spend these years with my best friend.

made me smile

Easter weekend

To top off a marvelous month, we finished with an fun filled and busy Easter weekend. We stayed in Darling Harbour and spent Friday at the Royal Easter Show. We spent most of the day in a line for the ATM but still had a blast. On Saturday we rose early for a Seahorse Safari at SEA LIFE Sydney Aquarium (a PR event). We checked out Seahorses and sharks, touched Starfish and Burnt Sausage Sea Cucmbers and leaned to dance like Seahorses (well, Jasper and Kahlei did).*

We then drove down to see my grandparents for the afternoon, where the kids played and talked the hours away before returning home for a lazy Sunday and lunch with grandma. It felt so crazy busy but we didn’t feel tired or sore, just happy and full of joy.

Smile File, finding the good, Smile,

How was your March?
What made you smile? Feel free to link to any smile making posts/videos in the comments, I’d love to check them out.



* I was not required to blog about this event. A huge thanks to Hausmann and Sydney Aquarium for hosting us. No compensation was offered nor received for this post.


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  1. I love your photos, great memories being captured for the future. ATM lines are no fun, esp when you have kids bouncing around excitedly waiting to get the show on the road. We recently went to seahorse world in Launceston, I left that link above if you want to check out the photos.

    • While in the line, I was able to take the middle child to line up in a toilet line, get through that, use the bathroom and return before James had barely moved! So crazy!
      I’ve never heard of Seahorse World and keep meaning to visit your link, so I am going right now.

  2. Love your pics Becky. My kids have been adoring riding their bikes of late too, especially my little dude. He’d be happy if I took him riding all day every, every day!!

    • Thanks Jess. Isn’t watching your children ride a bike just so amazing? My kids would happily ride all day every day too!

  3. What a gorgeous idea and gorgeous pics Becky. I love looking at a months worth of Instagram photos to remind me of all the great things we did and happy times we had.

    • Thanks Martine. Instagram is just perfect for that isn’t it? I think that’s it’s major appeal to me – an easily accessible snippet of happiness!

  4. What a lovely post and pics. You maade me smile too. 🙂

    • Thank you Aleney, that’s what I had hoped I would be able to do with these posts, share the smiles.

  5. I just love this idea!! Your photos are really wonderful too, capturing some really amazing moments!! x

    • Thanks Meagan. I am thinking of inviting others to join in next month to record their smiles for the month and then share in a post. Not sure if anyone will, but I know that the process for me is so great that I want to share.

  6. Wow what a month, I celebrated my first born’s 5th birthday and had a month where I found out who my true friends really were, so it was kinda liberating! Em

    • Happy (belated) 5th birthday to your son, doesn’t the time go so fast? I like that you’ve looked at it as liberating!

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