5 Reasons to go to the Zoo this weekend

I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but we visit zoos quite a bit. I’ve posted a time or two about our trips to Mogo Zoo and just this year we’ve reviewed Taronga Zoo and the National Zoo and Aquarium in Canberra. This week, during the school holidays we will pop in at Mogo to feed the deer and have a picnic and I’m mentally planning trips to many other zoos/animal parks in the future.

Here are 5 reasons you should take your family to the zoo this weekend;

1. It’s Fun

There’s nothing quite like taking your children to see animals they’ve not seen before. Or even animals they have seen before. It’s fun to watch your children experiencing the zoo. And, I guess it’s fun for them too…

Cougars, Canberra Zoo, firsts

2. It’s Educational

A visit to the zoo is an educational feast. From watching the animals to attending the keeper talks, there is always something to learn. I love the facts my children come away with, from Ellie being able to put her hand up and tell the keeper the Silvery Gibbons are apes and not monkeys (because they don’t have tails) to being able to tell me whenever I ask if what we’re looking at is a turtle or a tortoise – I ask quite a lot just to hear her say “because they have/don’t have flappers.”

Tortoise, The difference between turtles and tortoises, mogo zoo,

Tortoise. Because it doesn’t have flappers.
It never gets old.

One of the biggest things we’re learning is about conservation and the effects of humans on the animal world. Especially when it comes to the production of palm oil. Obviously, before attending our first talk we were aware there was an issue surrounding how it is farmed, however, standing mere metres from animals who are essentially being put to death by this practice and being told the facts by someone who is so obviously passionate about it leaves you unable to not want to do all that you can to stop the slaughter.

3. It Ignites Passion

Kids like animals, especially the kinds of animals you don’t see in everyday life. The chance to see, watch and learn about these animals unlocks passions you maybe didn’t know was there before. Both of my girls want to be zoo keepers when they grow up. Ellie’s certain it will fit in with her life as a parent of one (decided because she doesn’t want children that fight) and Kahlei wants to be a keeper of giraffes and sharks while dancing in her spare time. They have it all figured out!

Jasper, on the other hand is just passionate. About all animals. He will happily gush about whatever animal we are looking at but my favourite thing is his love for giraffes. He’s had a blue and white giraffe since birth but we’ve always called it ‘Love’ and never really mentioned what type of animal it was and seeing him connect his Love with the giraffes we see is adorable.
Mogo Zoo, Giraffes,

And, as they grow, I hope it will continue and be channeled into a serious passion to help save the animals that are on the brink of extinction.

3. It’s Supporting

As I mentioned above, you learn a lot about conservation through talks and signs about the zoo. The best thing is that your visit is helping with the conservation efforts being made, you’re supporting the zoo who is working so hard to protect and breed endangered species. Buying a membership or adopting an animal is a more direct way to be involved with conservation and you can visit their websites or talk to a keeper to find out how else you can get on board with their efforts.

Elephant, Taronga Zoo,
4. It’s Memory Making

I am all about sharing experiences with my family. There is nothing I enjoy more then seeing and doing new things with them. I want to be making memories and, while you don’t have to visit the zoo or go anywhere really to make memories there is a special kind of tinge to doing things like this. I am rewarded practically daily with stories, games and photos of our visits.

taking photos at the zoo

I love when they play zoos and recreate keeper talks or when Ellie will come up to me and say “Remember when…” Just today she was explaining what her favourite bits where from each of the zoos we have visited this year. It’s amazing to realise what they notice and remember.

5. It’s a Great Day Out

Are you in the midst of school holidays? We’ve only just started but I’ve got a trip planned for Wednesday. It’s a great way to fill a day with fun, education, the great outdoors all while being surrounded by amazing animals, passionate people and the ones you love.

Mogo Zoo Siamang


* Disclosure: While I did receive family passes to review these zoos I was not expected to write this post. All my reviews have been posted at BeckyandJames Do Reviews (please pop over to read about our trips). I have just written this because I really think you should go to the zoo.


  1. I love taking the boys to the zoo, we visited Adelaide Zoo in the Christmas holidays and in total with my sister, we had 8 kids with us. So we had 3 of the zoo cars and 1 pram. Was a great day out! #teamIBOT
    Enjoy you day Wednesday!

    • Sounds busy! I would love to visit Adelaide Zoo. I feel like I’m making it my mission to visit them all! Thanks for popping by.

  2. I’m with you – zoos are great – I love exposing my kids to other animals other than themselves- hee hee Em x

    • Lol, thanks pretty much what my husband said when I asked if he had any reasons to add!

  3. I love the zoo. My kids love the zoo! And I could spend hours watching the urangatans! xx

    • I love the Orangutans too. I love their grumpy faces, it’s so adorable!

  4. Yes! We love the zoo and visited Mogo Zoo last holidays! We’re yet to take our daughter to Taronga but I can’t wait. A great list and lovely photos, thanks.

    • I love the difference between the zoos. Your daughter will love Taronga!

  5. We love visits to the zoo, for all these reasons. It doesn’t matter how many times we go, every time there is a new experience and I love to see the joy in my kids experiencing it too 🙂

    • So true. Every time is different and wonderful.

  6. I dreamt about the zoo last night! We don’t have an actual zoo in Darwin, but we do have a wildlife park which is lots of fun and the kids love it.

    • So weird! Animal parks are great too. We went to our first on the weekend and the kids got to touch a wombat and a snake. It’s the closest we’ve been to our Australian wildlife.


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