The Non-Post

Today is Tuesday. I blog on Tuesday and, just recently I’ve had a spate of actual post ideas that I’m pretty happy about and am keen to start writing.

However, since swapping from the lamenting-of-no-good-ideas to the having-of-all-the-ideas I seem to have become extremely time poor.

Instead of spending last night writing up a post and getting the chance to fill up my tank by doing what I love I was still getting ready for today’s inspection. And, because I had a list longer than my arm (I have really short arms), all three children needed to be at my side and under my feet at all times.

I had to lie down with the 2 year old to get him to sleep, which has become a thing over the past week or so and then had both girls come and interrupt me because they needed me to dress them and put them to bed. You know, because they couldn’t interrupt daddy watching the TV.

While I resettled Jasper I could hear them talking about how mean mummy was. Of course, they weren’t getting into their P.Js to help me out a little.

By 10:17pm I still hadn’t mopped the kitchen/dining room floor or vacuumed our room. Or written a post.

Lucky he’s cute
So, this is a non post.

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  1. Oh I just hate that! Lots of ideas and no time, or no ideas and lots of time! And I also hated rental inspections! You poor thing!

    For a non post you did pretty well 🙂

    visiting from #teamIBOT

    • It’s so frustrating, isn’t it. I think there should be a law against having good ideas and no time to do anything about them.
      There should also be a law against house inspections during school holidays 😉

  2. I gotta say I like the ‘slice of life’ post – as I call it. I hope the rest of your week is WAY better! Em

    • Thanks Emily! I think I am just going to write this week off and start again 😉

  3. Oh it’s always the way isn’t it? No inspiration and plenty of time, or heaps of inspiration and no time at all!!!

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