Smile File: April

We all know that, sometimes, life can be tough. It can be dark. It can be sad and the news is always geared toward the bad, the sensational. I have started ‘collecting smiles’ and filing them away. I strongly believe these moments that I file away to help on the harder days should be shared.

So, I wanted to start a monthly feature here highlighting the good, the fun, the smiles because I know they’re out there. It might be personal good news, it might be something I’ve seen on Facebook or anything else I find during the month.

I was inspired to document the month differently as I was putting together my March in Review post where I was reviewing Ruby Who and in my research I came upon The 30 Day Filming Project created by Hailey Bartholomew and Sue Bryce and it got me excited to try a new way of sharing my smiles.

So, this month, I have taken to capturing and sharing my smiles by using the video on my phone to record moments and then I have edited them all together into a little ‘snippet of April’. I kind of love how it turned out. It’s not great quality and it’s not award winning work (in fact, most of the time I am not watching what I am shooting on screen as I want to be ‘in’ the moment and just capture what I can from random angles) but it does what it’s meant it, makes me smile.

But, first, I did find two gems online which literally had me ROLFing;

Actors without teeth. Creepy yet hilarious.

This. Oh. My. Gosh. It still cracks me up, every time.

And, now, my video. I hope you will enjoy it.

I don’t know if this is how I will continue with these posts but I feel like I will keep it up for a few months. It’s fun!

And, now, I want to ask you to join me in documenting your smiles for June (since May’s practically halfway through). June is my birthday month, I will be 30 and I will need as many of you sharing smiles as possible, because THIRTY, people. I will be doing my normal Smile File post on the 2nd of July but will be sharing other moments via Instagram and facebook with the #JuneSmileFile hash tag. Please feel free to join in however you like. Video, photos, daily/weekly posts… Join me in finding the good.

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  1. Absolutely made me smile Becky. Thanks for sharing!

    • Thank you Annaleis!

  2. Oh Becky! This is so beautiful, thank you for sharing, it made me smile as well. Off to set some reminders as June starts so I can join in, though perhaps I might just start now as well

    Fairy wishes and butterfly kisses lovely #teamIBOT

    • Thank you so much, Rhianna. I am thrilled that you would like to join in. I have really noticed a difference in my thinking and attitude since starting this.

  3. Loved your video so much! Your children are going to treasure these in years to come. I take so many photos, but forget about taking video… I am going to take more videos. Thank you for sharing!

    • Thanks so much for making me smile with your comment. I hope they will love what I’ve put together when they’re older. I was the same with photos, taking thousands and forgetting that capturing some of these things on video are priceless too, which is why I was so inspired. There are so many little things a photo simply can’t capture that we might not quite be able to remember one day.

  4. OMG – I’m such a sookie – I just CRIED throughout the entire video! I totally need to do this with my children, it’s such a great thing to show their cheekiness, their love and cleverness! AWWWW – tears! How did you learn to edit that. LOVE LOVE LOVE. Em x

    • Knowing you cried kind of gave me warm fuzzies. I share these smile files in the hope they might touch someone!
      As for the editing, it is a learning process! I use my iMovie and play around until I am happy (or until it’s time to upload for my post)! You should do it, it’s such a lovely thing to have. I keep watching this and it’s just the best thing to have!

  5. The video is amazing and I wish I could edit like that! I’m like Em, I am so emotional at this sort of thing. *weeps*. Nothing like a chuckling kid or baby though to make you smile! THE BEST SOUND EVAHHH!

    • Thank you, Sarah, for such a wonderful comment. I so agree, that baby/toddler laugh makes any day brighter!

  6. That made my heart swell up, so beautiful. I especially love the upside down sunnies teamed with the princess dress. Adorable.

    • Thank you! My boy sure does know how to dress for a dance party 😉


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