What do you want for your birthday?

Lovely Flower

With my birthday just over 2 weeks away (as in a day over two weeks), the question of what I want for my birthday has arisen. It’s not my favourite question, to be honest. I dream that my loved ones will know me so well that they will be inspired in their own way and I will love the effort and thought and gift.

Of course, that’s not what happens and as a person who demands wish lists to gather inspiration for their birthdays I suppose I shouldn’t grumble too much.

Firstly, I did write a post in January for my husband with some ideas which are all (surprisingly) still relevant as (again, surprisingly) none of the ideas were used for Valentines or our anniversary. So, in addition to those ideas…

White Lions

The National Zoo and Aquarium’s Zooventure Tour. Let me get close to this guy. Or those guys. I get goose bumps just thinking about it.

A gift certificate from Blue Bazaar or a Mixed Media Kit Subscription ($50 a month…hehe) or just a single Mixed Media Kit like this one or this one specifically to indulge my Art Journaling side.

A Crossroads voucher because in August James and I are off to see Pink and I’m going to need some spunky new clothes, you know, just in case she looks my way.

The last two Sookie Stackhouse books. I’m not sure what they’re called as I’m still struggling to read the third last book but I figure I’ve got to know what happens in the end, right?

My tattoo that I wanted to get before thirty. I really still want to do that… 15 days …

Mostly, I want to be surrounded by love and happiness.

Do you hate this question as much as I do?

Linking up with Jess for #ibot. While you’re over there checking out the other lovely linkers , you could purchase her new book for me…


  1. It’s hard sometimes to list honestly what you’d like for your birthday.
    I try to drop subtle hints because Mr Di-licious likes to surprise me. As I’m getting older I’m finding my wish list is getting less elaborate. Nowadays I get excited about a manicure voucher or a gold class movie ticket – something that encourages me to take some time out and relax.

  2. YES – I hate it when K asks for my Mothers Day / birthday / Christmas list – I feel they should know what to get me by now !!! I do ask for hers because she can be fickle and change her mind like I change my undies but I have just about the same things on each list …sigh !
    I hope you have a wonderful day whatever they land up buying for you.
    Take care !

  3. Yes! Also my birthday is less than 2 weeks after Christmas so it means that’s it, I don’t get anything for the rest of the year. I would love to be able to get wintery things like slippers for presents!!!

  4. I usually don’t get the surprises I used to ADORE before I had kids! But I do have a tattoo! And to think you are not even 30, you gorgeous wee thing you! Get the tattoo, it’s bloody sore, but worth it! Em x

  5. Hey chick, send me your addy and I’ll pop a book in the mail as soon as they arrive.
    Really hope the rest of your dreams come true. xxx

  6. basketball stuff, motorbike stuff. Stuff. 🙂

  7. Despite dropping numerous and obvious hints to my family (i.e. TELL DAD I WANT THIS, FROM THIS SHOP, FOR MY BIRTHDAY) I rarely get gifted what I am dreaming off. It would be so lovely if, as you say, my loved ones knew me well enough to be inspired to buy the perfect gift. I truly would love the effort! I think the only way to guarantee you get your hearts desire is to just get it yourself.

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