Wordless Wednesday: The Photography Bug

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He has it

Linking with Trish for Wordless Wednesday



  1. VERY cute!!!

  2. great photo!!

  3. Cheeeese! 🙂

  4. I love it!

  5. Aaarggh… don’t drop the camera, wee lad!

    • Haha! He had the strap around his neck and was VERY careful!

  6. LOVE this! It’s never too early!

    • I agree. He has an interest and I love letting him explore it.

  7. You’re brave – mind you I suppose it doesn’t have far to fall 🙂

    • Not far at all, he was sitting AND had the strap around his neck!

  8. Watch up Bec. Great pic.
    Thanks for linking up..

  9. Following in mama’s footsteps 🙂

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