Update: 30 Before 30

Next Wednesday is my birthday, so I thought it was about time to share a how my 30 Before 30 ended up. After a bit of a tanty throwing-in-of-the-towel, I am a little surprised with how much I have crossed off.

1. Get a tattoo – Fail

2. Go to a night clubFail

3. Try a cocktailDone! I enjoyed my first cocktail, a White Chocolate Sling and was quite sad we had only ordered one before our movie and writing this, I am quite sad I haven’t had one since!

First Cocktail, 30 Before 30, 30 Before 30 Success

4. Lose weightDone! I didn’t give myself a number, so I can call this a success.

5. Run 5ksFail

6. Visit QueenslandFail

7. Attend Digital Parents Conference ’13Fail

8. See a movie in Gold ClassDone! This is where I tried my first cocktail. I will never think about going to the movies the same way again. Such luxury. We plan another trip to Gold Class in August when we go to see Pink. I am pretty excited about the whole weekend and am totally counting down.

9. Finish a manuscript Fail

10. Do the Illawarra Sky WalkFail

11. Try sushi (non-fish)Done! I tried a lovely chicken and avocado style (taking out the avo as I hate the texture). I did enjoy it but can’t say I loved it. But, maybe one piece is not enough?

Non-Fish Sushi

12. Write my willDone!

13. Have a romantic night away – including a romantic dinner in a restaurant It’s on the books of next Saturday night!

14. Take a family trip to the Zoo Done and Done! We have visited Canberra’s National Zoo and Aquarium, Sydney’s Taronga Zoo and our local Mogo Zooquite a bit. It’s something we’re enjoying together.

White Lions, White Lions of the Timbavati

Mogo Zoo

National Zoo and Aquarium, Australia, Australian Emu

National Zoo and Aquarium

Taronga Zoo Giraffes, Taronga Zoo View, Best view from a zoo,

Taronga Zoo

15. Win NaNoWriMoHumongous fail!!

16. Have Case take family portraitsFail

17. Print the blog into a coffee table bookFail

18. Learn to change a tyreFail BUT maybe James can squeeze it in??

19. Grow BeckyandJames.comWe have had some steady growth with some lovely community connectedness, which is what I wanted, so DONE!

20. Frame and hang one of my photosI have been told my mum is on this one. I took and chose the pic and she’s having it turned into a canvas for me to hang.. sooo, half done?

Far South Coast, NSW, River View, Pelican

21. Start my 100 Strangers projectNo BUT I have decided I WILL. I have been checking out this list of tips and tricks to help me get the courage to start.

22. Secure a paid writing gigThis isn’t exactly what I meant, but I am going to count my Lego sponsored post/giveaway so that I am not failing yet another one!

Shell Lego Ferarri, Shell, Lego, Ferarri, F1,

23. Learn to use the sewing machingFail

24. Write and publish an eBookFail. No idea what I have to offer, except maybe tips on failing to reach your goals?

25. Spend a whole day writing/arting, undisturbedFail

26. Have a night away alone Fail, though not for lack of trying, planning (or dreaming) and begging

27. Sell 5 of my photographsI have sold two photographs, so didn’t quite get there. Two is a good start, though, right?

Sea Shells, By the Sea, Sea, Shell Photographs, For Sale

28. See something ‘Big’ (ie The Big Banana)Fail

29. Get a funky haircutI am changing this to ‘Get a stupid hair cut’ because I did that and it’s STILL barely grown.

30. Delve into Self LoveI started a self love project last June, which wasn’t as comprehensive as I had hoped but I have Art Journaled, taken more photos and started my Smile File. There is more to do, more to learn and more compassion to be shown to myself and I think I might commit to another Self Love project for June this year.

And, obviously, 31. Have another baby, didn’t happen. Another fail.

Delving into Self love

Is it time to make a 40 Before 40? Hehe.

Did you do a 30 Before 30?
Did you make it?

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P.S. I mentioned in my last Smile File post that I would love you all to join me, with June just around the corner I thought I would remind you of the details;

June is my birthday month, I will be 30 and I will need as many of you sharing smiles as possible, because THIRTY, people. I will be doing my normal Smile File post on the 2nd of July but will be sharing other moments via Instagram and facebook with the #JuneSmileFile hash tag. Please feel free to join in however you like. Video, photos, daily/weekly posts… Join me in finding the good.


  1. Oh Dear! You may not have crossed too many off of the list before your birthday, but the fact that you created the list means that at least you know what you want to achieve. It doesn’t really need to be done by a deadline, and I love that there are some things on your list that you may not have completed, but which you are like DEFINITELY DEFINITELY want to do this.
    Keep it up. You’ll get there on the things that really matter to you.

  2. Well done!! You did get to cross a fair few off. Congratulations on turning 30!

  3. I think it is great to have a look at what you have accomplished and remember that sometimes life gets in the way of what we want to do !!!!
    Have the best day !

  4. Well done on getting some things crossed off. You have the rest of your life to achieve the rest. I turned 40 last year, so my next goal would be 50 before 50, sounds scary!

  5. Well done on achieving what you did, especially on selling some photos! Also, let me tell you the best way to change a tire;
    Step 1 – take out your mobile.
    Step 2 – call the NRMA.
    Works every time.


  6. I think as soon as I write a list, I’m destined to fail! It just seems hard to get things done. You got a fair bit done! 🙂 And in your defence many of those things were not entirely up to you. No reason you can’t continue with it, maybe add another thing, 31 before 31? 😉

  7. That’s why I don’t have these kind of lists. That’s why I shared what is not on my bucket list. Just enjoy. And happy birthday!!! And hey, you ticked off a few so that is good news!!! xx

  8. My list would be almost exactly the same with all the fails Becky. Good on you for owning it all though. Fairy wishes and butterfly kisses lovely lady I hope you have the best birthday ever and may your thirties be your best decade ever.

    #teamIBOT stoping by xx

  9. Love the list, but I’m older so I have a few more crossed off than you! But then again, you have some that I will NEVER have, eg sell some of my photos – GO YOU! Great list – but maybe do a new one for 40! Em x

  10. I’ve been thinking about making a list too!
    Thanks for the inspiration!


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