Updating the Update: 30 Before 30

After posting last week’s update, I have a few things to clear up!!

1. Get a tattoo – Fail DONE! I didn’t think it would happen and, even once I was booked in and out the front of the shop waiting for the tattoo artist to arrive I thought I might run away, but it turns out the pain of getting tattooed is not nearly as bad as my mind had me thinking it would be. I love it just a little.

Write, write tattoo, quill, quill tattoo,

13. Have a romantic night away – including a romantic dinner in a restaurant It’s on the books of next Saturday night! I was so looking forward to this as I need a break something shocking but our accommodation fell through at the last minute and we couldn’t get anything else. Instead, we snuck out for dinner while the kids and Nanna had a party. And I doubled my cocktail intake by having one. Two cocktails before 30, crazy right? So, a half fail.

tattoo, dinner, dinner with my love, dinner at Hogs Breath,

27. Sell 5 of my photographsI had sold two and didn’t have this on my mental ‘possible’ list to have done by Wednesday and then, last night I got an email saying I had sold something. I was thrilled. And then, when I had a moment to actually read the email I realised I had sold 5 somethings. Just days before my birthday. Coincidence? If you were the one who bought my prints and you’re reading this, thank you – I am humbled – and I hope you love them. And if you are who I think you are? You can never know how much I appreciate and value the support you’ve given me. You’ve been my biggest believer.

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Do you have a tattoo? Did it hurt much less than you expected?


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