Happy Birthday to Me and a Giveaway for You (CLOSED)

** This giveaway is now closed **

I am totally thirty today. Happy Birthday to me! I am not sure what I will be doing, but hopefully it will be something good. To celebrate I have a lovely giveaway for you guys to say thank you for your support. Thank you for reading my words, being part of my community and making me feel so much less lonely and strange.


Disney, Peter Pan, Disney's Peter Pan, Peter Pan Blu Ray giveaway

For everyone who never wanted to grow up, but did anyway (hello), the classic tale of Peter Pan is perfect and  thanks to our friends at Disney we have 3 copies of Peter Pan on Blu-Ray/DVD to giveaway to celebrate the June 5th Blu-ray and DVD release, . It seemed fitting, given that it’s being released the actual day of my birthday and I am feeling a little like I want to ‘get back to childhood’.

Visit Disney to keep up to date;

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Blue Bazaar, Mixed media,
Art Journaling has been a special part of my life for a little while now and I want you guys to know how easy it is to start and how good it can be for you. Blue Bazaar have kindly offered us 1 x Mixed Media kit, valued at $62.00. These are my favourite things to buy (from my favourite store) since beginning my Art Journaling journey. I have discovered and used so many great products which I wouldn’t have tried otherwise.

Smash, Smash kit, Mini Smash,Also, from Blue Bazaar, we have 1 x Smash Tasty Kit, valued at $45.00, which includes access to online instructions by Kellie Winnell to complete kit. The kit contains;

  • Smash Clips Icon Shaped
  • Smash Doodle Pins
  • Smash Journal Tasty
  • Smash Paper Pad Transfer
  • Smash Punch Out Assortment
  • Smash Punch Out Pad
  • Smash Rub Ons Nautical Tattoos
  • Smash Tape Clear Triangle

AND, if that wasn’t enough (I know, right?), Blue Bazaar have kindly offered readers of BeckyandJames.com  a 15% Discount to use on your next order. To use this discount, simply enter the code BECKY15 at checkout. Discount offer ends 30th June, 2013.  Not applicable on subscriptions or already discounted items.

Get Art Journaling;

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necklace giveaway, bracelet giveaway,

Recently, I walked past a gorgeous stall at our local markets and I stopped to say hi and take a business card because the jewelery on show was divine, not to mention the amazing photographic prints on display. If you’re a regular reader, you will know that this moment was a big deal for me, generally I just walk on by, admiring with maybe a nod of acknowledgement.  But, what I saw spoke to me and pulled me in such a way, that I had to break away from my social phobia. I have since been in touch with the lovely Dannelle of Pebble + Nest and she has offered a gorgeous ring and necklace from the “Falling” – the Winter collection for one lucky reader.

 Feel free to buy me some, too;

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Nana Huchy Scarecrow Giveaway

Sometimes, you come across a soft toy that could be perfect for your child OR it could look perfect sitting atop your dresser. I love those kinds of dilemmas.  Thanks to Nana Huchy we have 1 x gorgeous soft Scarecrow to giveaway to a lucky reader. Share this soft toy with your kids or keep all to yourself!

Find more gorgeousness;

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Fast & Fruity

Want to make some yummy, healthy treats with these pourable, 100% pure chunky fruit pouches? Thanks to Fast & Fruity you could win 1 of 3 ‘School Holidays Cooking Packs’ to keep your little angels busy, and fed, during the school break (is it really almost that time again?).

Each pack contains;

  •  6 Fast & Fruity 2 x 500 gm pouches of each of the three flavours, be-licious berry and apple; golden peaches with a hint of vanilla; and sunshine sweet tropical fruits
  • 1 icy pole maker (makes 4)
  • 1 Sundae Glass
  • Jelly crystals
  • Recipe cards for: Tropical Jelly Fruit Stack, Hummingbird Cake and Yummy Fruit Blocks

You can purchase Fast & Fruity at Coles Supermarkets

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50 Shades of Chocolate, Sexy Chocolate, Sexy Chocolate Recipes,

Want to make sexy chocolate recipes such as Chocolate Shortcake with Mascarpone or make and relax in your very own Chocolate Bath? Then, you’ll love that I have  1 x copy of 50 Shades of Chocolate by Claire Preen to giveaway to a lucky chocolate lover.

Claire Preen is a qualified chocolatier and owner of Blue Mountains Chocolate Co., so you want to check out more

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And, because I am uber excited about having party bags at my little gathering later in the month, we have 1 Party Bag from my party to giveaway! They’re not yet complete and they’re all James’ doing, so this prize will be a surprise! I bet I know what you all want to win now 😉

 Love me (it is my birthday after all)

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  1. anything that entertains the kids

  2. I don’t mean to sound selfish, but I would like something that is just for me! It’s usually the kids that come first, but something that is all mine would be a little piece of heaven 😉

  3. A nice bottle of wine!!

  4. Jewellery. I’m thinking diamonds, pearls etc. and some pretty lingerie too.

  5. Expensive wine, lots of “adult” chocolate and a Myer gift card!

  6. Jewellery, iPad, Channing Tatum, Chocolates…

  7. Boots, new Winter coat, a cheese platter + a stack of current release magazines

  8. I do love chocolate and all things nice , but a voucher for a someone to come weed my garden would be wonderful as they are growing faster than I can pull them out.
    Happy Birthday for today – “dream big dreams”

  9. A soppy DVD, chocolates, couple of bottles of wine, massage voucher, some hot chocolate and a bag of marshmallows.

  10. Chocolate!

  11. A taxi voucher so if I over indulge I can get home safely!

  12. Vouchers for a cleaner would be nice

  13. Chocolate, champagne and jewellery 🙂

  14. Vouchers for a massage and any type of pampering, a good book and anything smelling of roses.

  15. A voucher for a massage – something just for me 🙂

  16. mini vodka bottles and flat shoes! 🙂

  17. A packet of marbles for when I feel like I’ve lost my own (which,as a mum of three, is most days!), and a camera so I could capture the good times, focus on what’s important and if things don’t work out, just take another shot!

  18. I’d love a handy-man. More precious then you know.

  19. A voucher for a night away in a 5 star city apartment!

  20. Happy birthday!!
    Hmm the ultimate party bag – something to keep the little one entertained, something special for hubby & something pampering for me (like some uninterrupted time to scrapbook/art journal 😉

  21. A personal shopper, not for clothes, just groceries. And they can put them away in the fridge and pantry too. Oh, and pay for them too, lol.

  22. No party bag would be complete without some yummy jelly babies, a chocolate frog, some cobbers/mate lollies and a party blower (so I can torment everyone around me!).
    I am sure a small bottle of bubbly and an ‘evening leave pass’ will also fit in there!

  23. a perfect party bag for me would contain Darryl Lea chocolate covered licorice and peanut brittle. It would also have a iTunes gift card so I can buy some candy crush extras without feeling guilty or maybe to buy a new ebook to read while I cuddle up watching a great chick flick which of course would also be included in my party bag.

  24. My ultimate party bag would be an Il Tutto After baby bag filled with makeup products chosen for my colouring and a voucher for a shopping assistant to choose clothes for me.

  25. Wine & chocolate for me to enjoy, a dvd for the kids to watch, bubble bath to use while the kids watch their movie & ear plugs (to block out the kids)!

  26. Chocolate fudge, chocolate peanut butter cookies or a Coles-Myer gift card.

  27. Take away pizza,a chic flick,salt &vinegar chips and m&ms!

  28. Wine and chocolate, a good book, some warm pjs and a cuddly blanket. Plus a gift voucher for some one to take the kiddies all day so I could spend all day with the above items and have someone else looking after the kids.

  29. A selection of beauty treatments would be the one for me! Barely have time or money for them now…

  30. tickets to a fabulous concert with accomodation and dinner! Love an experience!

  31. tickets to a movie, a babysitting voucher, all expenses child free weekend for hubby and I!

  32. You can not go past chocolate with something fun like movie tickets

  33. Sunglasses, Hairy Lemon, and a McDonald’s quarter pounder to recover the morning after!

  34. Champagne and oysters! And some strawberries, too!

  35. Chocolate, Dinner Voucher, and a night in a hotel with hubby and no kids 🙂

  36. I think you’ve got it covered – something to keep the kids busy, some food so that I don’t have to cook and chocolate!

  37. Happy Birthday! (sorry I got so excited about the prizes that I forgot to mention it in my previous comment)

  38. I’d love something great to read, something sweet to eat, something that smells nice and a treat like movie tickets.

  39. Bubbles- bubble bath, champagne and aero chocolate!

  40. I would love a comedy DVD that entertains the whole family.

  41. Chocolate, Chocolate & more Chocolate

  42. happy birthday a party bag from someone else and not one from me I’ve made myself.

  43. Chocolates, lollies, little alcohol bottle thingies and maybe a nail polish.

  44. flowers and chocolate to make me feel special

  45. Like everyone else; Chinotto, olives, fifa 14.

  46. Something for my little girl to keep her entertained with something new would be nice! And of course a little something for me too 🙂

  47. The ultimate party pack needs to include chocolate and wine!

  48. whiskey, dmb albums, sour patch kids, amazon giftcards.

  49. Crafty things for the kids to play with

  50. Chocolate, Myer Gift card, but really any surprise would be exciting!

  51. Lots of books (for adults!) and a bottle of good wine – just for myself!

  52. Chocolate and champagne! So the guests dont feel so bad when they have to return to reality… which usually means looking after the kids who’ve been loaded up with lollies by their babysitting grandparents! (or does that only happen to me?! Lol)

  53. A voucher for a makeover package.

  54. Peter pan brings back so many good memories

  55. Paints, glitter and fabulous things. Sort of like your mixed media kit.

  56. My ultimate party bag would be full of my favourite treats from nail polish to marshmallows anything pink!

  57. My party bag would have an IOU voucher for one complete, uninterrupted nights sleep!

  58. Some good food and drinks to keep everyone entertained!

  59. My husband, looking sexy and with a bottle of red 🙂

  60. Wine, chocolate and a spunky man!

  61. I’m easily pleased – my ultimate party bag would contain Ferrero Rochers, fluffy socks and a lip gloss. Oh and happy birthday! x

  62. Brilliant giveaway! Happiest of happy birthdays. I think my perfect party bag would include some new nail polish, as well as some cadbury. Of any kind

  63. My ultimate party bag would be full to the brim of DVDs and beauty products! From glitter nailpolish, to MAC lipsticks, Dermalogica skincare goodies, LUSH bath bombs and Benefit blushes to various DVDs like Pulp Fiction, Moulin Rouge and American Beauty!

  64. I think I would make lots of samples of chocolate out of the book 50 shades of Chocolate and treat everyone to a great chocolate bag.

  65. The Smash kit – looks like fun for me and the kids 🙂

  66. Definently adults only party bag…Vodka, Chocolate, DVDs and massage oil. lol. 🙂

  67. Lots of chocolate!!! Thank you 🙂

  68. Definately some chocolate! Some movie tickets would be nice too 🙂

  69. Some romcom DVD’s and fine dining take away!

  70. I would like Beauty products for a little glamour but i would be happy with anything 🙂

  71. Chocolate and Chick Flicks

  72. Something for me i think. It has been a long time as any single mum would know since i was pampered, so a little make up, skin care, anything really that would make me feel like a million dollars

  73. Chocolate, lollies and fun activities!

  74. awsome

  75. A nice assortement of perfumes – preferablt top shelf (I Wish 😉 )

  76. Chocolates, scented candles, body lotion 🙂

  77. Tickets to the latest Disney on Ice Show!

  78. A giant chocolate bar!

  79. A winning Tattslotto ticket!

  80. My party bag consists of Chocolate Cherry Cupcakes, Mango Vodka, Glasshouse Candles & Twisties & a Brad Pitt movie

  81. My party bag consists of Chocolate Cherry Cupcakes, Mango Vodka, Glasshouse Candles & Twisties

  82. I would love a cleaner to pop out my goodie bag!!! and then when she pops back in she gives me a present hahaha thanks for a great giveaway 🙂

  83. Panadol for a heavy night

  84. French champagne, decadent chocolates, and……brad pitt 🙂

  85. Would really appreciate a voucher for maybe 3 days of babysitting so we can escape on a private retreat to relax!

  86. Selection of gift cards from different shops!


    My ultimate party bag would include unicorn cupcakes with ganache frosting (0 calories of course), a teleportation device that lets me instantly travel to any country in the world and enough money so that my husband can quit his office job and work on our business from home!

  88. Champagne and my Christian Louboutin Peeptoe Sling Back Black Spikes Stiletto High Heels

  89. A little Lolly bag a piece birthday cake and some little nic nak’s the kids love .

  90. Sparkling wine, Camembert, quince paste and some biscuits. This was for a party bag for adults…….

  91. Lollies and fredo frogs.

  92. Happy Birthday! I hope you had a wonderful day 🙂 I’ve just entered my 30s too. It was a bit daunting leaving my 20s, but still exciting to enter my 30s, and I’m feeling positive about what they’ll bring 🙂

    Ok, the question: As a mother of 3 little ones, I’m tempted to say a flight voucher, to fly Mum up to help out during preschool/school holidays…but I would be absolutely happy with just one or two great books.

  93. A free massage voucher.

  94. Defiantly lolly bananas, can’t go wrong

  95. Chocolate, fizzy drink and cheese and onion chips ….. junk food 🙂

  96. A day off…..I can only dream!

  97. I’d like a “paper” bag! Filled with paper: massage and pedicure vouchers, gift certificates, movie tickets (or better yet plane tickets), love letters, receipts for items way too large to fit in my goody bag, and of course, CASH! What a party I could have with all that!

  98. Has this comp already been drawn? I thought it ended at midnight 🙁


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