Pinterest Made Me Do It: Mummy and Me Book

I like to think of Pinterest as a magical place. It’s full of beauty and wonder, inspiration and the occasional scary thing. I’ve pinned many things I would love to try but never ever will. And, then there are the things that I think I might do but really know I won’t and then surprise myself when I randomly decide to try them.

I thought I might start sharing my Pinterest inspired projects, whether they’re easy or hard, a success or complete failure. I’d love you to share any Pinterest inspired posts in the comments, inspire me some more!

Mummy and Me

When I first saw the Mama and Me book pinned on Pinterest I knew it was something I had to do. I started it in a little Budons notebook just before Ellie started school and I was so excited but I found it so very difficult to write the letters. Given my dream of being a writer and my love of blogging, I found myself frustrated as I tried to piece together the right words to portray exactly what I wanted to say to my almost-school-aged child.

I had so much to say, so many thoughts to share and only a blank page. The pressure to perfectly word each letter; to avoid confusion, to make sure I touched on every important point and didn’t forget to mention those things that I really wanted her to know made the task little to no fun. I didn’t want that. So, I put the idea aside.

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Then, at the end of her first term of school, I suddenly got my Art Journaling mojo back. I grabbed a blank spiral notebook with reasonably sturdy pages and let my feelings and thoughts flow onto the page in the form of layers and colours, sprays, dots, circles and tape. I let the page sit before I took a sharpie and wrote. It’s not as long as some of the letters I painfully wrote in my head yet never made it perfectly to the page but, I didn’t need to rely so much on the words to say all I needed them to because the whole page holds exactly what my heart had to say that day.

From EllieEllie is much more into this format, which makes it even more wonderful. She can express herself however she feels, whether it’s with words, painting, drawing and there is no pressure. I’m pretty big on letting them create, explore and express through art and this is such a perfect fit. For now, it’s fun, but as I said in my Budons post; I hope it will help keep the lines of communication between us open, especially if there are things she finds difficult to bring up, as she embarks on this new stage.

You are unique embrace it

It’s also a great way for her to develop and hone her new reading, writing and spelling skills which she’s learning without it seeming like ‘work’. I think it will become an important tool for us in many aspect of our mother/daughter journey.

Kahlei and I craft together but for the moment, we don’t have a Mummy and Me book. We will start one towards the end of the year before she goes off to school next year (unless I feel it’s needed earlier) and will do the same just before Jasper goes to school too, assuming he hasn’t moved on from his love of all things art, in which case, I would find something more appropriate.

Mummy and Me

We’re both loving the process and I think it will be something lovely for us to look back on.

Do you have a special way to connect with your child?

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  1. That is beautiful! What a neat idea! I have been writing sporadic letters to my son since I was pregnant with him. Which reminds me, he turns 5 this weekend so I’m due to write another! I hope your kids adore these when they’re older, I’m sure they will! I’d love if my mum had done something like it. x Aroha (#teamIBOT)

  2. Fantastic idea, and I love the images you’ve shared. I’ve not written any letters to my children and like the idea of a shared book instead. Takes the pressure off the words themselves, and sounds more organic.

  3. Gorgeous idea!!

  4. What a great idea. While I have signed up (is that what you say) for Pinterest, I haven’t visited – I fear if I visit I may never return !!
    Have the best day !

  5. What a beautiful and special idea. I would love to give it a try, but I’m just not that arty. At the moment, I connect with my three year old with mummy and me dance classes and play and learn classes with my eight month old. I feel very lucky that I can have the one on one time with both of them.

  6. My daughter has a big scrapbook we put special paintings, birthday invites, photos in – although it’s more her thing. It’s quite a cool keepsake. I like this idea 🙂

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