Winter School Holiday Ideas

photo(2)Yesterday was the first day of school holidays and the first sunny day we’ve had in quite a while so we were able to spend it at the park and riding our bikes.

I feel like I failed last holidays, as if I didn’t squeeze enough in or eek enough out during those two weeks, so this time around I’ve thought about it more. Ellie’s off to the zoo tomorrow to be part of the Zookidz Holiday Workshop, so Jasper and I will hang out with the monkeys while she feeds the giraffes and Kahlei’s at day care.

Of course, I don’t want to run her (or us) ragged, so many of my ideas are things we can do gently and take at our own pace. Here are some things I hope we get to do;

Check out rock pools
Whale/dolphin/seal watch (or find)
Messy paint with Glucose syrup and food colouring
Puppet show with stage and puppets we create
Bike rides
Family movie day – Despicable Me 2
Scavenger Hunt
Teach them to play marbles
Working in our holiday journals
Picnic in the park
Creating some paper bag discovery books for walks in the bush or on the beach
Visiting my grandparents
Hanging out with Uncle Caleb
Drawing on the trampoline with chalk
Superhero day
Face painting
Lots of Ellie reading (yay)
Bananagrams (with Ellie on a Thursday)
Play dates with school friends (we have two tentatively lined up so far)

I know I had other ideas that I kept thinking ‘That’s great/perfect/fun, I’ll write all this down soon!’ So much for that.

What are you up to these holidays?
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  1. Great list of ideas, and many of them perfect for the odd rainy or freezing day. Marbles, very cool! A lost art almost? #teamIBOT

  2. We’re planning a board game day – we have several rounds of playing different board games, and keep a running tally of who wins what – my kids are very competitive!

  3. Great ideas!

  4. You’ve got an awesome list! I tend to do very little with my kids in the holidays, and just lots of playing at home. They are happy with that though, so I guess that’s a good thing 🙂

  5. Great ideas, I’ve only got a few days left 🙁 They went too fast, especially as kids were sick for first week. Enjoy xx

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