Bugs, Scooby, Some thoughts and a Giveaway

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Kids WB in LA

Remember those Saturday mornings where you would creep out and quietly turn on the TV to the morning kid’s show and sit as close as you could so you could actually hear the antics of Daffy Duck and Road Runner without waking your parents? Cartoons of a Saturday morning are somewhat of a rite of passage and, I feel, my eldest might be about to make the leap from ABC4Kids to some of the characters I have known and loved over the years.

Only recently,  I started thinking about the fact that my children do not know who Bugs Bunny is – something I realised when I said to Ellie “You know, like Bugs Bunny…?” to which she responded with a confused, screwed up face. I don’t know what we were actually talking about or exactly what was like Bugs Bunny as the conversation went down the “can we get a bunny pleeeeease?” route.

Kids' WB, Warner Brothers, Bugs Bunny,

So, it’s good timing that I learn about this week’s episodes of Kids’ WB. Starting from this Saturday, the 6th of July (tomorrow), Kids’ WB will be broadcasting from the famous Warner Bros. studios. Hosts, Lauren and Andrew, will be exploring L.A. and sharing their adventures over 8 days. They will even be giving watchers a chance to win a family trip to Los Angeles. Knowing this, I think it might be time to start wading into the ‘bigger kids’ cartoons this weekend!

The best thing about this, though, is that enjoying this trip with the hosts is 13-year-old James, who was diagnosed with leukaemia in 2011, and his family. James is now in recovery after a bone marrow transplant. I think this part of the ‘story’ will be an important thing for my kids to see. We are working on compassion and understanding how our actions, however big or small, can impact another person. The trip was made possible by My Room, which funds research into childhood cancer at the Royal Children’s Hospital and you can read more about James on their blog.

Tune into Kids’ WB from LA starting tomorrow morning
Saturdays and Sundays at 7.00am
Weekdays at 4.00pm

Scooby-Doo Live! Musical Mysteries

Now, we can’t talk about morning cartoons without mentioning Scooby-Doo, can we? Scooby and Bugs have always been the staple of the Saturday cartoon and I love that, while other cartoons come and go, these guys stay the course. Even if they do change just a little. When I was a SMCW (Saturday Morning Cartoon Watcher), I wasn’t actually allowed to watch Scooby-Doo. I wasn’t actually allowed to watch many things actually and, mostly, I didn’t disobey but I think the reason I was so quiet in the morning was to see if I could watch that week’s offering. I mean, who doesn’t love a cheeky, mystery solving, talking dog?

Hallmark, Scooby-Doo, Hallmark Interactive Books,

We’ve just introduced Scooby-Doo in the form of a Hallmark Interactive Storybook. In Scooby-Doo! Who Are You? the gang are solving a disappearing burger mystery when Shaggy first meets his soon-to-be loyal companion. I think it’s a lovely story to first bring Scooby and the gang to life and the added bonus of the plush Scooby-Doo toy reacting to key sentences from the story gives it that something special. Especially considering I can’t even begin to do him justice with my reading voice! Even if I try.

Here’s a little video of him in action;

Poor Jasper keeps turning him on and saying (yelling) “I uv you!” but, as Scooby-Doo will only interact with the specific sentences as they are written in the story, he gets no response. Thankfully, he still seems happy enough to snuggle and love Scooby, even if he doesn’t seem to be responding accordingly!

Scooby-Doo! Who Are You? includes the book, plush toy and respond-along CD and you can even download a free app.

 You can purchase Scooby-Doo! Who Are You? for $34.95 via the Hallmark website.

Can’t get enough of Scooby-Doo? Well, I am here to tell you that the Scooby-Doo Live Musical Mysteries Tour is coming to Australia in September/October. I have not been to anything like this before and am pretty keen to make it an experience we can all enjoy as a family.

Scooby-Doo Live Musical Mysteries Tour Info:

Monday 23 September 
Plenary, Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre, VIC

Saturday 28 September 
Riverside Theatre, Perth Convention and Exhibition Centre, WA

Wednesday 2 October 
Capitol Theatre, Haymarket, Sydney NSW

Tickets on sale at www.scoobydoolive.com.au

Time for a giveaway!

I have two great prize packs up for grabs – each pack includes;

  • A Family pass (A reserve seating, four tickets, RRP $39 each) to see Scooby-Doo Live (touring in Sydney, Melbourne, Perth) valued at $156
  • A Magical Tales DVD set

To enter, simply use the Rafflecopter widget below

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Good luck!



  1. As stupid as it sounds I’m absolutely petrified of FROGS!

    • I am afraid of emus and cows, so there’s no judgement here!

  2. I’m afraid of rodents and leeches. Snakes, however, are fine. Weird.

    • My MIL was talking about someone today who has a fear of mice but will happily pick up a brown snake and flick it over the fence! Funny!

  3. I’m afraid of opening the mailbox and seeing bills!!! 🙂
    Also, I am scared of spiders and creepy crawlies!

    • Argh! Those dreaded bills! I make my kids get the mail and put it somewhere for daddy to open!

  4. Slipping over in the shower, my worst fear
    ,.crushing all my teeth

  5. Christmas beetles landing on me and buzzing loud, flying
    Fast, past my ear :/

  6. I’m afraid of heights (fair enough), dinosaurs (despite clearly not needing to be) and of my daughter cleaning the house with the toilet brush again one day.

    Thanks for hosting the giveaway!

  7. christmas beetles lol

  8. Magpies put the fear in me, my head is like their walking target!

  9. I am afraid of not being able to care for myself and having to rely on other people.

  10. Spiders!

  11. Heights 🙁

  12. What an impressive giveaway! I am petrified of bugs, not all bugs just cockroaches, spiders, okay all BUGS 🙁

  13. Snakes! Hideously scary things they are! lol.

  14. I’m afraid of unidentifiable noises in the night.

  15. I hate spiders and slugs 🙁 ohhhh they give me shivers just thinking about them.

  16. I’m afraid when I hear silence in my home… lol as with 3 younger children… silence usually means they are up to no good!!! lol

  17. Big Dogs, When I’m taking my son to the park or for a walk, I sometimes see dogs roaming without a owner present, that scares me because you don’t know their temperament.

  18. I’m terrified of heights and maggots!

  19. Rejection. 🙁

  20. Supermarket meltdowns – please just let us finish the shop without anyone falling to the ground and screaming as they drag themselves behind the trolley!!!!!! lol

  21. I’m terrified of my kids growing up and deciding Scooby Doo’s no longer cool. Thankfully we all still love our scooby snacks and shaggy sandwiches so I think we’re good for a few years!

  22. Absolutely PETRIFIED of the dentist……….!

  23. Something happening to my children or dying before my children are grown.

  24. Snakes

  25. I am scared of heights, climbing up high on my dads ladder and going to the top of centre point tower.

  26. Where do I start? -bugs,heights, enclosed spaces ,failure!

  27. I am afraid of getting old. 🙁 Who isn’t?

  28. I am afraid of snorkeling and deep diving – I panic straightaway!

  29. I am really afraid of social disruption and war if one was to happen. 🙁

  30. I am afraid of finding myself in the middle of a place crash! My most horrible fear!

  31. I have an ongoing fear of caterpillars caused by my mother when I was a child and she’d make me squash the caterpillars in the vegie patch with my fingers.

  32. Noises in the night when I’m home alone!

  33. I’m often a little slow getting out of my pyjamas in the morning.. I’m afraid the inevitable will happen and one day I’ll get caught looking like one of those scary characters on Scooby Doo!

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