Top Five: Movies of All Time

I have posts in my head but, for whatever reason, they’re not coming out. Last time I was a little stuck, I shared my Top Ten TV Shows and now, I thought it time to share my top movies of all time. Why not? I feel like, sometimes, it’s okay to have a bit of fluff. It’s tells you a little something about me you didn’t know and maybe you can tell me something about you that I don’t know.


1. Fight Club
2. Snatch
3. Con Air
4. Napoleon Dynamite
5. Batman Begins

It seems, mostly, my favourite movies haven’t changed over time. As a teenager I was obsessed with Fight Club. I had quotes everywhere, pictures, even a song on one of my mix tapes. I can still whip out an appropriate (or not-so-appropriate) Fight Club or Snatch quote at any given moment and often find myself randomly thinking “I am Jack’s complete lack of surprise.” Which I am.

Looking at the list, it’s quite … different.

What are your top five movies of all time?



  1. I’m not sure I could even list just 5! Of “ALL TIME” … I know 3 on that list would be Mary Poppins, The Sound of Music and Dirty Dancing. Top Gun might make it into the top 5. No idea on the 5th. I have to admit, I haven’t seen Fight Club or Snatch. -Aroha (#teamIBOT)

  2. Ohh, good list! I loved Con Air, and yes, I’m another Fight Club quoter – not sure I can narrow it down to five, but possibly Inglourious basterds, Monty Python’s Life of Brian, Pulp Fiction, Close Encounters of the Third Kind and Shaun of the Dead would definitely be up there 🙂

  3. I love Napoleon Dynamite, that is definitely in my Top 5 too. Snatch is also awesome, in fact all of your movies I really like, with the exception of Fight Club as I haven’t seen it!

  4. I love Fight Club too, and would add Rocky Horror Picture Show, Lock Stock & Two Smoking Barrels,Pulp Fiction and I just can’t narrow it down to one lore!!
    There are some movies that I could just watch over and over again.

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