Wordless Wednesday: Fly a Kite

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Flying a kite

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Jazzy by the Beach

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  1. Fun! Though I must confess that I’m terrified of kites at the beach. They always tend to fly straight for my head when they descend!

    • I’ve not really ever been at a beach where kites were before, but I can see how you’d be scared of that!

  2. Such lovely photos! I love the beach when it ins’t crowded, kite flying looks like a great way to make the most of it. xx

    • It’s so good when it’s not busy! Thankfully, it’s warm enough to go in winter because that’s the only time it’s not!

  3. Looks like a perfect kite flying day!

    • Unfortunately, it wasn’t as perfect as it looked or seemed. It took a lot of work for hubby to keep it flying and we soon lost wind but it was fun while it lasted!

  4. What a lovely day. Looks like you all had fun!

    • Thanks Dorothy. It was ever so nice!

  5. Hubby has BIG kites that he won’t let kids touch – but I love them – the last time I saw some great ones was at Maine Beach, USA. A festival of them, must drag out actual pics and post one day – it’s always ONE DAY around here x

    • Oh, I would love to see big ones! And lots of them. I think this is the closest I’ve ever been to a flying kite. I feel deprived 😉 I look forward to seeing your pics!

  6. Just beautiful 🙂

    • Thanks Caz x

  7. What a great place for kite flying. We haven’t been kite flying for a while, might be something to leave in the boot of the car for the perfect opportunity. I’m very determined and will try for ages to get it flying long after everyone has lost interest, great for the kids though.

  8. There is something magical about flying a kite 🙂

  9. Gorgeous photos!

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