Meeting Bec and George from The Block

Meeting Bec and George from the Block

As a family we would all gather around the TV to watch The Block Sky High of an evening. With young children, we don’t often get to enjoy a show together as a family, so it was nice to be able to share that time and know that after the series was over bed time would move back to an earlier time.  Jasper still asks at dinner if he can watch the block, which breaks my heart just a little bit.

Meeting Bec and George, The Block, Bec and George from The Block
So, on hearing that Bec and George were going to be visiting Narooma’s Mitre 10 today we decided to take a road trip down the coast for a fun family day out.

Meeting Bec and George from the Block, Bec and George, Narooma Mitre 10,

The car park was full of people, balloons and colour while the sausage sizzle filled the air with it’s scent, the sun kept us warm – even with the cool wind. The kids had a ball playing on the jumping castle and Jasper and Kahlei had their faces painted as we waited for Bec and George to arrive.

Meeting Bec and George, South Coast NSW, Narooma, Mitre 10,

Meeting Bec and george, South Coast NSW, Narooma,

I love these types of days out together. Such beautiful memory making moments, I just can’t get enough of sharing experiences with my loves.

Meeting Bec and George from The Block, Beck and George The Block, Mitre 10 Narooma, South Coast NSW,

Bec and George made their arrival to cheers before answering questions about their time on The Block. They were honest, open and just as down-to-earth as they came across on the show, not to mention lovely and patient – especially given that they’d already spent the morning in Bega doing the same things before traveling up to Narooma.

Meeting Bec and George, Narooma, South Coast NSW, The Block

The Block Sky High, Bac and George from the Block, Narooma, South Coast NSW, Narooma

The children and I waited in line while James and his mum went to see if we’d won any prizes in the lucky door and, after all the waiting, Jasper managed to throw a wobbly JUST as we were about to meet Bec and George. So, Superman stood around with a grumpy look on his face while his sisters went for a photo. They were suitably starstruck and Kahlei later told me that the next time she meets them she will tell them “I already know you because I watched you on The Block.”

bec and George from The Block, South Coast NSW, Narooma, Superman dress upWhile we were doing photos and dealing with tantrums, James was winning 5 soccer balls (one signed by Bec and George) , 2 travel mugs and a plush dog. Honestly, it was quite a haul.

South Coast NSW, Meeting Bec and George, Mitre 10,

We had such a lovely day and I am so glad we took the trek.

What did you do today?





  1. Beautiful photos Becky 🙂 What a great experience. Bec and George were my favourite 🙂

    • Thanks Caz, it was such a great day. How awesome were they?

  2. Looks like an awesome day! I too love those kind of ‘family days out’, something everyone can enjoy 🙂

    • The best kind of days! Thanks for your comment, Jane!

  3. Hi Becky..just had to pop in and see how it went with Beck and George. She was so brave on ‘the block’ after her mum died. They both did a great job on the block too. It looks like you had a great day out!

    • Hi Carol, thanks so much for popping by. I was so inspired by her strength. And they’re both so nice!


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