Wordless Wednesday: R.O.M.A.N.C.E

After we didn’t get tickets to Pink’s Saturday night show we popped down to Darling Harbour for a romantic dinner. Pizza and ice cream by the Harbour, surrounded by literally thousands of people. That’s how we do romance.

Darling harbour, Sydney, Romance

Darling Harbour, Sydney, Romance in Sydney,

Romance in Darling Harbour, Darling Harbour at night, Sydney,

How do you do romance?

Linking up with Trish for Wordless Wednesday.



  1. oh wow.. gorgeous pictures!!

    WW visiting!

  2. Looks plenty heaps romantic to me. Wonderful photos.

  3. Beautiful shots Becky , love the one you are with wherever you may be ;). Then it is just you and he.

    • Thanks Trish and you’re sooo right!!

  4. This looks pretty romantic to me! Lovely 🙂

    • It was lovely! I was pretty good at tuning out all the chatter around me!

  5. My WW post today showed how we do romance – at the beach and having lunch without kids – just lovely! Although nighttime romance is WAY more picturesque x

    • Love your way to do romance, too. It’s so nice to do something different and non-kid related!

  6. I love the city at night. The way the lights shimmer on the water just looks amazing. Great photos, very romantic!!

    I must remind my hubby that we need to do some romance. It’s been way too long. I love to go out for a fabulous meal.

    • Thank you and do remind your hubby! It’s good for you 🙂

  7. It sounds like a great way to do Romance…..with Kids I like to take time out anyway we can, be it a dinner, be it a few hours escape or for even over night.
    I love Darling Harbour!

    • I love Darling Harbour, too. Isn’t it just gorgeous. Especially at night.

  8. I love the picture with the colours of the lights dancing on the harbour. Beautiful. Love what you did with the post heading aswell to tie in with Pink 😉

    • Thanks Renee, I was wondering if anyone noticed the reference!!

  9. Beautiful pictures!

  10. Beautiful pictures Becky – just lovely. 🙂

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