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Broome Weddings, Getting Married in Broome, Eloping

The other day I was letting my mind wander when I started thinking about the things that you guys might not know about me or my life. I don’t mean the things that I keep for myself and family or anything that goes over the line I’ve drawn in the sand, I mean defining things that I shared back when only my family was reading. Like, did you know that James and I eloped?

Broome Weddings, Getting Married in Broome, Eloping to Broome,

When James and I said our vows, it was just he and I as we made our promises in front of a Pearl Lugger. Well, technically, it was he and I, our celebrant, our photographer and the two lovely ladies from Broome Weddings who planned our whole wedding. And, while our families and friends knew we were off to get married, I still consider it to be an elopement.

It was the second time I’d ever traveled out of NSW and my third ever plane trip. Sometimes, it seems as if I have forgotten and it comes as a surprise to remember I did something so out of the ordinary for such a big life moment. It was so good and so bad all at once. I was 20 weeks pregnant, melting, worried about a cyclone and missing my family at a time when I wanted them to be there, but it just couldn’t happen. Even though I desperately wanted to include our immediate families in our special day, it just wasn’t feasible for them to go when we needed them to.

Eloping to Broome, Getting married in Broome,

Other than the family issue, there isn’t a thing I would change about our choice to elope. Before making that decision, I was stressed to the max. I was never one of those girls who had planned her wedding years before. I didn’t have Cinderella dreams or a scrapbook full of wedding ideas and, honestly, all that really would have helped as I desperately tried to choose a venue and flowers and dress and this, that, the other. I’m having a slight anxiety attack just remembering all that now (possibly because I’ve been planning Ellie’s party and it all feels a little close to home).

I panicked about whether inviting my mum’s long lost cousin meant I had to invite the mailman’s sister’s best friend (okay, maybe not that far removed, but you get the idea) and then I would freak out about having to stand and talk in front of those people. Or any people.

So, we outsourced. James and I had to choose essentials like the date and where we would stay, I had to pick flowers from the specified selections and then we just left Gerri to organise the rest. The relief? Immense. Honestly, I am not convinced I would have gone through with an actual wedding and, knowing what I do now, I am pretty sure James wouldn’t have made it through the ceremony.

I would love to go back now with our kids, parents and siblings for a renewal of our vows, to give them a little something of that special time and to relive our first adventure in a new way.

Eloping in Broome, Eloping in Australia, Broome Weddings, Getting Married in Broome

I think doing it this way meant it was truly something for us. A wedding any other way would have been for others and merely a stress to James and I and it’s nice to have that little moment and experience that’s so unique to our relationship and time together.

Also, it’s pretty cool to say we eloped in Broome.

Would you consider running off to get married?

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  1. I’m one of those brides who wishes she HAD eloped! Instead I spent a year planning a wedding that I was sick as a dog for and didn’t even get to really enjoy. I had that much cold and flu meds in me I was high as a kite, didn’t have a drink, and barely remember it! šŸ™ Sounds like your wedding was perfect! x Aroha

  2. Lovely pics!
    We got married in Las Vegas. We had intended to elope but then my family got wind of it and came along. While it was nice, it wasn’t our intention! We just wanted to come home with photographic evidence and a marriage certificate!
    Having a huge, planned event would have just killed us. We are not that way inclined and I was so glad our savings were spent on our fabulous small wedding and honeymoon instead! šŸ˜€

  3. I had quite a small wedding – I love my wedding a lot. There is very little that I would change. It is nice to be content about that kind of thing.

    If I eloped I think I would be way lazier than you – you were still looking beautiful in your dress with a gorgeous location, photos, flowers etc. I think I would be more likely just to go for one of those registry weddings if I wasn’t able to celebrate with the people that I loved. I hope you do a renewal of your vows at some stage – one of my best memories of my own wedding was that feeling of being surrounded by the people that loved me, and I would wish for everyone to experience that.

  4. During the lead up to our wedding I wanted to ditch the lot and go to Fiji – but we had rallies in NZ that we had to invite – so we couldn’t. LOVED that you eloped – you’re a braver woman than I – loved those wedding pics xx

  5. What a fab place to get married in. I love Broome!

  6. I love weddings, all of them – even when I am not at them.

  7. Good on you! Hubby and I really wanted to elope, but in the end we had a surprise wedding at our daughters first birthday party. We weren’t even engaged, so it was quite the surprise for everyone! šŸ™‚

  8. Yes I would! Well done, too many focus on The Day and not what comes afterward. Our big wedding nearly did us in. We collapsed in our hotel room for four days after that, only emerging for food. SO relieved the ridiculous production was behind us. #teamIBOT

  9. Reflecting back now, I wouldn’t have eloped but I would have made my wedding simpler and only invited really close friends and family. We had 105 at the reception and I felt pressured on the night to talk to everybody. I think smaller is better. I think you made the best decision in the end. I love the wedding pics. Thanks for sharing. šŸ˜‰

  10. Looks like a beautiful, perfect day <3 We had the opposite – we planned a big wedding in NZ with all of our family and friends despite pressure from my family to have a small service here in Sydney with just immediate family. I'm so glad we followed our hearts, I think the most important thing is to go with what feels right for you as a couple, sod what everyone else thinks!

  11. If I had my time again, yes I would definitely elope. As much as our wedding was fabulous and went off without a hitch, we battled with the parents on who should be invited or not and when I look back I have memories of people being there that we’ve only spoken to once or twice since (some none) and our wedding was in 2009. Good on you for making such a decision, it’s all about you and no one else.

    Visiting via FYBF!

  12. I had such a beautiful wedding day. I had waited so long to get married (I was 38) that I was so happy to share it with as many family and friends who wanted to show up.
    Lovely wedding pics


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