Where have all the weekends gone and other random thoughts


I remember when weekends were the light at the end of the tunnel. They were something to look forward to, a reason to breathe a sigh of relief on a Friday. They were sleep ins and days out and fun. But now, I see all the TGIF posts and excitement over the weekend and wonder where they have all gone. Because now they’re all sweeping and mopping and tantrums and, mostly, lunches alone because by the time I’ve made all the starving people their lunches and then made my own they’re all finished and doing whatever they do. I’m not even really talking about life before children, just life before now.

The worst thing? Now, these weekends – which are exactly like every other day, except I have two extra people at home to contend with – are also full of things that drain me like crazy. Like kid’s parties. I never understood why people would refer to ‘party season’, but now, I get it. Because it’s here.

Coffee by the bay

For an introvert like me, I need down time and alone time to recharge. Especially after these big dos. Unfortunately, my family currently seem to have a ‘if nobody’s touching mummy, quickly rectify that’ pact. So, I am never getting over anything.

I would love nothing more than a sleep in, lunch out all together, a wander to the beach as a family and some time to write alone.

Speaking of writing, for sometime now I have been contemplating a ‘writing’ blog. Whether a ‘fictional’ blog or one simply for any fictional work I might like to share, I’m not sure. Either way, I like the idea of a place to showcase my writing. You know, other than here. While I realise that this is a place where I share my voice, I also know that my fictional voice is different. My writing style.

I’ve got NaNoWriMo on the brain and I feel confident I can smash it this year. Even though I have not reached the goal any of the previous years. This time around feels different. No new babies, no anti-depressants, no excuses and an actual idea. This year I am also looking at ‘failure’ differently. I’ve re-framed. Whether I reach 50, 000 words by the end of November or not I will have tried, grown, stretched myself. That can only be a good thing.

Write Tattoo

I need to get onto it because I have a tattoo to remind me of what I should be doing and I like it too much to have to cover it up. It would really suck for my second tatt to only count as one. If that even makes sense.

I’m kind of obsessed with getting another tattoo. One representing my children. It’s all planned in my head. I sometimes think about it when I should be sleeping (on the occasions when I am not writing perfect blog posts which never see the light of day. So frustrating). Which, actually, I should be doing now.

Do you miss your weekends?
Do you/would you/have you considered a writing blog?
Are you obsessed with tattoos?



  1. 1. “I would love nothing more than a sleep in, lunch out all together, a wander to the beach as a family and some time to write alone.” – you have just described my perfect weekend. Although living inland the beach part’s not going to happen, would settle for a walk around the lake, or some bookshops. If I’m honest, the sleep-in part’s not going to happen either.
    2. Yes! my blog is a writing blog. I wanted to blog in a new space, and make it all about the writing process and my own writing. I’ve showcased a couple of my poems there, but haven’t worked my way up to sharing any of my fiction yet! Long-term, I’d like to showcase other writers too. I’ve also considered blogging as one of my main characters, I think that would be fun. I say go for it!!
    3. I love tattooed words in beautiful script like yours. I’m always trying to work out the perfect phrase for myself. I am a little scared of the pain though. And the permanency.

  2. You know… you haven’t failed if you keep trying 🙂

    Weekends to me are slow down days. I don’t care if all weekend everyone is in their pyjamas or hair isn’t brushed, it’s time to just be and not rush.

    MC x

  3. I am fairly convinced that friday eats Saturday and Sunday cause my weekends tend to fly by….I only have the one tattoo but am fairly frequently planning the next at this rate I’ll have 10 lol

  4. My hubby used to work Saturdays but he lost that work, sadly so I do now ADORE Fridays!!! I hear you about kids always touching you!
    I would love a writing blog but I battle to maintain my personal one.
    I wouldn’t say I’m obsessed with tattoos, my kids LOVE mine, but no one can see it unless I’m in the nude – it’s for me. But I do think one that represented my kids would be nice x

  5. Mr Monkey works weekends and I’m home alone with the two girls all week so I never feel like I get a “weekend”. Our closest are Monday’s when Mr Monkey is off but we have the 3.5yo’s swimming lessons then too. I sort of look forward to when she starts school so we can get that sort of routine. But as a chef, I don’t think Mr Monkey will be getting weekends off any time soon!

    Found you through #FYBF 🙂

  6. Ohhh I hear you!!! Recently Big A suggested I go away for a night to catch up with a friend and he would look after Little A. My response – if I am going to have a night away I would rather be alone! Does that make me anti-social??? I crave alone time these days. It is so precious. Good luck with your writing goals – sounds like a recipe for success!

  7. I miss the lead up I think. Now if I’m heading out it usually means I have to cook something to take, we have endless sport committments and then when we are home hubby wants to watch footy. I’m really looking forward to next weekend and their being a month between footy on the tv and harvest starting when we lose hubby again.

    I hope your get some of that alone time. I’d love to read your writing.

  8. Weekends for me these days just mean work, work and more work. I have come to adore Sunday’s because both Boatman and I are home all day!
    As for the writing stuff, so excited for you!!!! Can’t wait to see what you come up with xx

  9. I know what you mean about weekends, especially if you are not working outside the home…Because this was me a few years ago!!

    The days just blur into each other, except weekends might mean more work and less “me” time. Add to that the parties (which can be a chore in themselves), and sometimes Monday is a blessed relief!

  10. My weekends used to be filled with running kids to sport, cleaning house , and doing work in readiness for my next week. Then the kids grew up and I began giving that extra time to work preparation for the next week (in my paid employment. Consequently I was exhausted still on Mondays and so the week dragged on. I have just recently decided I will do my housework on Saturday along with a few hours of work. Then on Sunday if it isn’t done it waits for another time. Now my husband and I relax together on Sundays.Certainly takes away a fair bit of the week’s drain.

  11. I do miss the downtime I used to have on Friday afternoon in the office. Oh, and the after work drinks! Not so much for the drinking but to acknowledge the hard work I put in throughout the week and to reflect with colleagues. It’s just all systems go now.
    Good luck with the writing blog!

  12. Went to find your post linked up on IBOT but there was an error, so read this post instead. My weekends differ – some feel like a bit of a break, others are full-on – depends whether my husband is on shift (he’s a fire fighter) and depends how busy I’ve been at work. But yes, generally weekends certainly aren’t what they used to be, sigh!

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