My Teenage Self and Playfest

me as a teenager,

You guys, this is totally me as a teenager

Recently, I’ve been cursing my teenage self. In particular, her lack of forward thinking.

This past term with concerts I can’t sew costumes for, birthdays I can’t bake for and a house I can’t get on top of, I have felt continually frustrated that I was so pig headed and sure I wouldn’t be a wife/mum/housewife that I actively avoided learning those skills. These moments have led me to think about what my teenage self would think of me now. I imagine she’s rolling her eyes and having a few tantrums, because I am basically (or exactly) everything she didn’t want to be, but I feel she had a little win last week when we made the trek to Playstation’s HQ for Playfest to try out all the new Playstation 3 and Playstation Vita games that are about to be released.

Skylanders SWAP Force, PS3, Skylanders SWAP Force release date, Skylanders,

As a teenager, I was a gamer. A writer. Highly anti-social. I remember blatantly telling my grandmother that, if I were ever to marry (which I won’t, duh), I would never EVER prepare and cook meat for my husband, I would never pack lunches or iron clothes. I would work, have my own bank account, do what I wanted. My grandmother? She scoffed at me and my defiant outburst. I have no idea why.

Just Dance 2014, Just Dance PS3

‘Playing’ Just Dance 2014

We have a Playstation 3 but it hasn’t been touched since before we moved in December. Not deliberately or for any particular reason, but I have to admit that I loved seeing them really getting into some of the games and watching the change in their abilities from the start to the finish of the event.

PlayStation Vita, Jak & Daxter, New releases on PlayStation Vita

Ellie loved the PlayStation Vita – here she is playing Jak & Daxter

Kahlei’s favourite game was Just Dance 2014, even though the three of them stood there and made no move to actually dance but whatever. This type of game I love for my kids, if they’re moving and gaming it’s a win. I’m even a bit of a fan of Just Dance in the privacy of my own home, which is definitely something my teenage self would have HATED.

Ellie loved playing the Playstation Vita. As soon as she sat down in front of them she was in the zone. That serious look of concentration? I loved it just a little bit.

Gran Turismo 6, Gran Turismo 6 PS3, Gran turismo 6 release date,

Racing cars in Gran Turismo 6

Jasper was happy as long as he had a controller in his hand, even if he mostly couldn’t do what the game required. Thankfully, he was also willing to wait as there were lots of children keen to get their fix.

James’ favourite was undeniably Gran Turismo 6, though he didn’t get as much of a turn as he would have liked (2 or so hours might have sufficed). I am pretty sure he took the day off work just to get a go of the latest version of his favourite racing game.

Waiting to play Wonderbook™: BBC Walking with Dinosaurs

As for me? I decided to continue in the trend of straying from my teenage self and fell in love with Waiting to play Wonderbook™: BBC Walking with Dinosaurs. So much so that I didn’t even take any photos – I did take an Instagram video which you can watch here. There was no shooting, stealing cars, beating up people, racing or any of the other elements which I once loved in my games (and still would if I got the chance to play alone, I imagine), ‘just’ fossils, dinosaurs and the Wonderbook but oh my was I taken.

It’s on the Christmas list. I don’t care if nobody else wants it (but they do so that’s ok).

Playstation Vita, Playstation Vita new releases,

The cute.

I think Playfest brought out a bit of my teenage self. I have a desire to enjoy some games with the kids, to show them that side of me and my passion for gaming. I think playing video games can be a good thing, assuming it’s in moderation and age appropriate. Their fine motor skills were certainly stretched and tested, along with their eye-hand coordination. Just a couple of things which can benefit from a bit of video game play.

Yes, my teenage self might be huffing and puffing that I stay at home with three children. That every morning I iron clothes (so organised around these parts) and every evening I prepare lunches. I even handle, prepare, cook and eat meat. But, I think she’ll be okay with that, because sometimes I get to go do cool things like check out new games before they’re released and share that love with my family.

Just Dance 2014 sunglasses

Playfest was worth it just for these glasses

And, I think she’d take one look at these adorable little people and be in love.

Have you followed your teenage self’s dreams?
Are you a closet gamer?

sig* This is not a sponsored post. I just really, really like Playstations and games and it was a great morning!


  1. Am an out of closet gamer! DH and I love playing the PS3! Looks like the family had a great day.

    • We did, Stephanie. I am only in the closet because I don’t get the time. I am hoping hubs and I will start making time to play a bit together.

  2. I was/am a gamer too. I just dont play like I use to (24/7!). What a cool cool cool event! My boys would have died to go to that! #teamIBOT

    • It’s hard to play like we used to with kids and hubs and jobs and such, isn’t it? Such a bummer. When we got the PS3 I totally thought we would play at least once a week but it just doesn’t happen for us!

  3. Ha! I was just thinking this morning how I always wanted to be a housewife, and how much I wish I didn’t have to work at all 🙂
    Glad you got to make your teenage self happy for a few hours at least xx

    • Now, I hate the idea of having to go off to work. Mums who work are my heroes (ie you). My teenage self is very happy to have had that time 🙂

  4. Isn’t it interesting to look back on your teenage self? I couldn’t even imagine the way my life turned out, way better than I had dreamed. But, lots of struggles to get to this destination too. 🙂

    • It is interesting, Lisa. I am so glad my teenage self was way off, she didn’t know what she was talking about 🙂

  5. You pretty much just described my teenage self, minus the gaming. I enjoyed playing, just wasn’t a gamer. It looks like your kids had an absolute ball!

    • They really did, Tegan, it was awesome.

  6. I remember being at high school and having to write down what we would be doing in the year 2000. I turned 27 that year, and wasn’t at all doing what my teenage self envisioned! I haven’t played playstation for. years. I used to be quite good at it and loved playing DOOM, don’t have the knack anymore, bit like roller skating really 🙂

    • I remember doing one of those, although I can’t remember what I wrote. I wish I had kept it now. My kids want to take up roller skating… I am quietly a little scared!

  7. Perhaps you should contact them to make it a sponsored post!! Our kids are in to iPads, but we had a playstation as kids and LOVED it! I learned to do all domestic things and LOVED IT, but probably because I didn’t HAVE to do them, now I do I detest it x

    • Haha, maybe! My kids like iPads, too, but thankfully they’re not exclusive. I think a little PS3 is good for the soul 😉 Or something like that.
      Funny what you enjoy before you HAVE to do it, hey?

  8. My teenage self didn’t get much choice in what she got to do, I was well and truly prepared to be a housewife and mother, as I played third parent to my much younger sister. Lucky you that you got a choice.

    • Actually, this is the exact reason I never wanted children. My dad was sick and my mum was working so I was raising my two youngest brothers (10 and 12 years younger than me). I did prepare the meals and so on but they were very basic. Funnily enough my hubby got bored of my spag bol/snags cycle VERY quickly.
      I even did yr 11 from home so I could care for them.

  9. Such an interesting though. Funny thou – I’d like to go back and tell my teenage self to loosen up and have more fun 🙂

  10. I wasn’t into gaming at all. I still don’t really get it but there must be some appeal because so many people love it. The day looked like fun. My teenage self was a grunge-y hipster. I think at times, I still fit the bill ;o)

  11. Hi Becky, I love the games like Mario and those Nintendo based games but with 4 of us and one machine we didn’t get much time to play. Plus I had one of those littler sisters that was just so much cooler than me and could get through any stage.

    My kids love to play games and I encourage it as a way to keep them entertained maninly over Summer when it is too hot to leave the house. We have just dragged the WII out of the cupboard after not having it out for 6 months.

    everything in moderation I think.

  12. I would like to play more, but just don’t get the time! We used to play video games a lot prior to kids! Now I have to kick the eldest off if I want to get some PS3 time in!

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