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While James and I ran away to Broome to get married (well, almost) and IĀ  was able to leave all the details for someone else to worry about, I did do the whole wedding dress buying thing. Although, originally, there was talk of a bare-foot wedding on the beach in a sarong, I felt the need to have a ‘proper’ wedding dress, which surprised even me. As a not-so-girly-girl, I didn’t expect to have such a strong desire to don a big white dress for my walk down the aisle, especially when we weren’t doing anything else the traditional way.

So, James, my mum and I made a trip to Sydney, meeting up with my great aunt and her husband to look at dresses for inspiration as my great aunt was going to make my dress, just as she had made my mum’s when she got married.

We sent the boys off to hang out (which actually saw them doing rounds of the block and little else ‘just in case’ we might be done soon. I try not to bring it up, apparently James was scarred by the experience) and we started the casual perusal of all things white.

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I had little idea of what I wanted past the colour (ivory) and walking into a space full of every shade of white and every type of dress imaginable was quite daunting. I had never been in a shop like it before (or since). The assistant helping us asked lots of questions before pulling out a dress here, a dress there and a couple from out the back. I was bustled into a dressing room and helped into the first dress.

My first thought, as a woman wearing a gorgeous silky white wedding gown was ‘boy is this dress heavy. There’s a lot about wedding dresses you don’t know until you’re trying them on. Like, they’re heavy and at least a million layers (okay, that may be a slight exaggeration) and are often quite complicated to put on.

The other thing people don’t tell you about wedding dresses, is how they transform you from just you into a bride-to-be. I stood on the little platform in front of the wall-to-floor mirrors (I also didn’t realise you really did that, I thought it was just a movie thing) and saw myself in a completely new light. I was tired, pregnant (I don’t do glowy pregnancy), anemic and without make up but when I looked at myself I saw a radiant beauty. And that was with the wrong dress!

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I think there’s just something about ‘the’ dress. You just know. When the second dress was pulled over my head, all the layers were properly arranged and the lace at the back done up, I knew. That was it for me. I stood on my little circle again and didn’t want to take my eyes away. I was in love.

My aunt had a look and, as it was on sale and much cheaper than she could have recreated it, we decided to buy it and alter a few things. There needed to be a bit of give for growing room as I was 14 weeks pregnant at the time and would be 20 weeks by the time we were married and I also didn’t like my back being shown through the lace.

She made the appropriate alterations as well as a shawl/shrug type thing and it was perfect.

wedding dress, wedding, ivory wedding dress, love your wedding dress, make your wedding dress your own, Broome Wedding, Cable beach Broome,

I might have had the dress, but I wore thongs on my feet. Can you see them? They’re silver and dainty… but still thongs.

The day of the wedding was hot, the dress was heavy and I thought I might melt but I would not have had it any other way. There’s something special about your wedding dress. Maybe even a little magical, just like in the movies. You just don’t know that until you’re wearing it.

Tell me about your wedding dress?Ā 
What did it look like?
Did you just ‘know’?





  1. 20 years later I still get a little mushy when I think about my dress, yes I absolutely agree that you just know when you find it. Mine was deep cream, layers of very soft netting and a soft lace overlay, and quite old-world style. It’s in a box in the top of my cupboard and I highly doubt any of my girls will want anything to do with it, but the thought of getting rid of it … just not an option.

  2. I had 3 wedding dresses. I bought the first dress I tried on, b/c it was cheap, and I thought it was “ok”. Then I bought a casual white spaghetti strap dress for the reception, thinking I’d be one of THOSE brides who gets changed. Then I hated both dresses, and bought another, about 2 weeks before the wedding, right off the rack! I loved it, unfortunately I don’t have any great pics of me in it, or the detailing on it. Don’t get me started about wedding photography! I think it’s nice to have THE dress. It’s one day in your whole life (for most people), you want to get it right. šŸ™‚ -Aroha (for #teamIBOT)

  3. I have two wedding dresses, both cinderella style. The first dress I had designed and made for me, it was a stunning corset dress with a huge huge train. The second dress was $50 and I cut off all the train to have a shorter tea length dress, it was beautiful and comfortable on the day.

  4. I had two wedding dresses. The first one I bought on sale during my disastrous first engagement. It was cheap; the one I really loved was on special too but dollars were really tight for me back then. So I laybyed the cheap one – the next week I went back and pleaded to be able to exchange it for the other one but no dice šŸ™

    In the end I never wore that first dress because I called off the wedding.

    When the hubster and I got engaged, I bought my dress through the paper – I knew EXACTLY what I wanted – a satin fishtail style gown just like the one I’d wanted but couldn’t afford all those years earlier. And that’s exactly what I got. I still love it to this day even though I’ll never fit it again! šŸ˜‰

  5. I agree with the heaviness and layers. I tried on two dresses and hated the feeling of so many layers. I ended up getting a two piece wedding dress made with a full lace bodice and a-line skirt with a little train. It was sleek and simple and I loved it.

  6. You look gorgeous. I tried on what felt like MILLIONS of wedding dresses. I knew I was onto the right one when my mum started to cry when I walked out wearing it. The dress was simple and classic – a pleated bodice, skirt with organza overlay and not too puffy. I had an organza veil too – quite traditional. I’m sure I’ll never look as great in a dress again!

  7. Lovely!! I am not married but somedays I would like to just to get all dressed up!!

  8. There is just something magical about wedding dresses I reckon! I got mine made – told my designer what I wanted, and she made to suit my figure, however, I went a bit cray cray with the exercise and so she had to keep taking it in and I lost my boobs which was a shame šŸ™ I did love it though, but will probably NEVER be able to fit it again – oh well maybe my daughter will x

  9. you’re so beautiful Becky!
    I had my wedding dress made by a brilliant seamstress who took my random pictures from magazines and combined them all together. She was fantastic

  10. I’m getting married in 2 weeks! I have a sweet little white cocktail dress that isn’t particularly bridal but when I saw it, I loved it as a wedding dress. There is something magical about real wedding dresses though šŸ™‚

  11. My wedding dress was ivory with a long train that buttoned up after the church service for the reception. Yes you are right I felt like a princess and very special. That was until I needed to use the toilet and need assistance!

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