The James Train | Wordless Wednesday


James at the Adventure Playground in Bathurst with our kids, our nephew and a random for good measure.

Joining Trish for Wordless Wednesday



  1. All in when there’s a dad to ride on!

    • Yes! Poor thing was exhausted by the end!

  2. I didn’t even see James until I saw big arms, his had is completely obscured!! Great slide 🙂

    • He is well camouflaged 😉 The kids (and dads) do love this slide, it’s pretty awesome.

  3. Gotta love those randoms! My kids are always finding new friends in the playground too!

    • It’s funny how they can do that! This little girl was literally dragging my husband up the hill for more slides, she was having a blast!

  4. What fun. My children still do this ….well my 12 year old when no one important is watching.

    • It’s the only way to slide (unless there are important on lookers 😉

  5. Hah! I didn’t see James either, until I looked back to see what the title had to do with the picture! Lol. That poor random child with the unfortunate facial condition… Bless

    • He has a good hiding spot there, doesn’t he. Oh, yes, that poor child! A good case of photoshop-itis. I just didn’t want any ‘issues’.

  6. Beautiful! My daughter just loves going on slides too. And I love it when she is playing in the playground and find a new “friend” to play with.

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