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The mouse and the fairy

I am new to this dance mum life. It’s a tough one. Thankfully, my little dancers are loving it and are pretty damn cute. Sorry about the quality!


Mice in Madeline, Dance, Dance Rehearsals, Dancing,

Unfortunately, I didn’t get enough pics to share of Ellie as she was all smooshed up with the other mice

Fairy Dance

My serious dancer


sad fairy, dance rehearsals, dancing, dance,


  1. Super cute all right. At what age did you get them into dancing? My little girl is showing interest but she’s not quite 3 yet.

  2. I feel like a bad mum for not getting my girl into dancing,but thought she was too young, she’s now 5.5 years – should I be getting her into it now – I know she’d love it – just seemed too young before! And it’s quite pricey! Great pics of your little ballerinas

  3. Gorgeous little ballerinas! Mine started ballet when she was 4 and loved it for 2 years. She’s now moved on to tennis.

  4. Oh such cute photos.

  5. So much cuteness!

  6. They look adorable in their costumes. The fairy does look very serious.

  7. Bless the beautiful ballerinas.

  8. We are having dance recitals practise at the moment. Your girls are super cute

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