Someone is Three


It has been three years since Jasper made his dramatic entrance into the world. It may have been a traumatic pregnancy and birth but it was certainly all worth it for this little man.

It has been three very long years which have flown by. It’s funny how time is such a trickster.

This boy. He is light and love. Noise and mess.

Raising a boy is so different to raising girls. I remember being scared about how different it would be. I maybe should have been terrified.

Just recently, he has been randomly saying “I wuv you, mum.” Just when ever the mood takes him. When I reply with “I love YOU!” he puts on a gorgeously cheeky smile and says “I love you, too.” This can go on for ages but I don’t mind. Soon enough he won’t be so free with his love for his mumma.

birthdayboy5He loves dressing up as a superhero or Scooby Doo and playing rough. But, he also loves to pop on a skirt from time to time, rocks pink sunglasses and is soft and sweet.

He is wholly himself. True to who he is at all times. It’s beautiful and I hope that allowing him to embrace all that he is, even if sometimes that means wearing a dress, will enable him to always, always just be himself.

He is always, always hungry. Always.


This boy adores his sisters. He also adores driving them crazy on occasion. He thinks it’s pretty funny to rile them up and get a reaction but he also loves to give them cuddles and kisses and to make sure they’re okay.

He looks like his dad and they have the same type of personality, which means they’re already butting heads but he’s always excited when daddy’s home.

Contrary to what people (many people) told me about him not talking much because he has two sisters to talk for him, the boy is a true chatter box. Instead of talking for him, the girls talk WITH him. Constantly. All three. Talking, talking, talking, talking.

He loves to take photos and have them taken of him. As soon as there’s a camera, he’s posing like a pro.

He loves dancing, singing and giraffes, cars, bikes and planes. He is a complex little person. Willful and stubborn.


Birthday PJs

And, now, he is three.

Pressies – Sully, Ken and animals.
He chose Ken himself

Why do they grow up SO fast?

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  1. My 3 – nearly 4 year old is always hungry too! But is also full of life, hugs me, tells me he loves me and looks at me with his blue puppy eyes and my heart melts. Happy birthday and ‘birth’ day to you lovely x

    • I hate to think what it will be like when they’re teenagers! He is already capable of eating a whole pack of cherry tomatoes while I shop, it’s expensive to feed a growing boy!
      Boys are so much ‘more’ than I expected in that all you seem to hear about is the noise and dirt but they’re all love and cuddles, too.
      Thank you for the ‘birth’ day wishes – you’re the first to impart them x

  2. I think you need to double check – he can not be 3. NO WAY.

    • Haha. I know! But, it turns out he actually is and he likes to remind me constantly now that he’s been three for two days with a big hearty “I’m three now!!!” at regular intervals. It kind of snuck up on me and I only believe it because he’s suddenly SO grown up *pouty face*

  3. Happy Birthday beautiful boy!
    He really is so adorable! Love how boys are so different to girls. I think you really notice it after having both ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. Happy birthday to your gorgeous son. Isn’t three the most magical age!!!!! Mine is a few months older than yours, but I am really enjoying this stage. The fact that they are finding their independence and some of the conversations – oh my! love every minute ๐Ÿ™‚

    Hello from #teamIBOT

  5. He is so gorgeous, Becky! My youngest has just turned 3 also and it is the CUTEST age. Hands down. Kx

  6. Happy Birthday little man!
    They do grow up so fast, and it’s great to write down all the fun things they do, as they change so quickly.
    He sounds like a delightful, loving, active little person who blesses the hearts of all around him.

  7. What a gorgeous little monkey! I think boys are easier than girls. I can’t believe my daughter is 21! They do grow so fast, where indeed does the time go?

  8. Time flies when you’re having fun they say but the days do seem to be long don’t they?! Happy Birthday to your little man!

  9. Boys are just so gorgeously affectionate aren’t they. My bit is just starting to not want to do things like walk him into the classroom and hang around at birthday parties but secretly when no one is looking he gives the best cuddles EVER xx

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