5 things making me mad. Right now.


It seems I am unable to blog unless I am blogging mad. The last post I wrote was at the end of November, about the Australia Zoo tiger ‘attack‘ and my thoughts on calls to have the animal killed. After that and a previous rant about inclusion, I decided not to do any more ranting for the time being and I haven’t blogged since (you noticed that, right?). Apparently, I have nothing to say if it isn’t something I’m steaming about. It’s like the longest run PMS in history. So, today, I thought I would share 5 things that are driving me insane right now.

* Homeland

We’ll start with the freshest and least serious aggravation. Really? That’s how they’re choosing to end the season? No Brody, no me. I am so done with this show.

* Kanye West

This guy makes my blood boil big time. He’s so self righteous and ridiculous. Between the claims he makes about himself and that song + video, I just find myself thinking ‘surely he’s putting it on?’. I cringe at the thought that he has fans out there buying his ignorant, self indulgent drivel. And if another person tells me that he really is, in fact, a ‘lyrical genius’ I might gouge their eyes out (okay, so there’s only been one person I’ve had to debate this with but that is certainly one too many). They’ve heard Bound 2, right??

* Shark Culling

Stop the Shark CullCulling sharks to stop shark ‘attacks’ is just stupid. There’s no plainer way to say it.

Killing an endangered species won’t do a thing because people will continue to go into their water, looking like prey and sending out signals like prey. Surfers, swimmers and beach goers need to accept the risks that entering the ocean entails and respect these beautiful creatures.

Misinformation induced fear is so rife when it comes to people’s perception of sharks that a cull can so easily seem the answer, even to people who would generally be against such things. In the media they use words with obvious negative connotations which give the impression that injuries from shark bite are not only premeditated but sadistic on the shark’s part. They are labeled man eater and incidents are written up as attacks creating terror and emotional responses in viewers.

Honestly, my frustration with this is through the roof. It doesn’t take much to step back and do some research. Already, sharks are fished to the point of no return. They’re caught, their fins removed and left for dead on the bottom of the ocean floor. Our oceans and planet need sharks to keep the balance and we’re just going to bait and kill more?

My six year old was in tears over this the other day. She is so passionate about sharks. I just wish others could look beyond what Jaws has told us they are. (Sign the petition to prevent culling here)

* The Nullification of ACT’s Marriage Equality (Same Sex) Act

This should be a non issue. Why was money, time and resources used to distinguish this when they could be better used elsewhere? Why are people being denied a basic right to choose to marry who they love? I cannot fathom why some are so set in their ways or hate filled to oppose giving another what they should simply have. We are so behind the times. Seriously, I’m so angry. I can’t even.

Love is love is love. Treat people like people.

* Reactions to Paul Walker’s death

The whinging and complaining about the outpouring of grief when Paul Walker and his friend, race car driver, Roger Rodas has astounded me. Cries of “Who cares, he’s just an actor!” or disgusted claims that there was only a care factor because he was attractive. Yes, he was and actor and yes, he was attractive but nobody is ever simply one single thing.

Paul Walker was a catalyst for change, a passionate and caring person who’s work can be seen through his charity Reach Out Worldwide. He was on the front line to bring help to those who needed it. Social media was saturated with news of his sudden death by grieving fans and I can see how some might consider it to be meaningless for those who have never met him to feel such sadness.

The thing I found most frustrating and confusing was those who condemned us for feeling while pleading for us to have and show humanity. Things like “Why are you all crying over a star when there are children starving. I don’t see you all posting that!”. My first thought is that if you’re not seeing posts about these issues and what we can do about them then you’re friends with and following the wrong people because I see these things in my feed all the time. Yes, children are starving and we should be sharing what we can be done and there are so many issues that need addressing but that doesn’t mean people shouldn’t feel and express grief, even over people we don’t know.

So, there you have it. I am kind of tired of hopping on my soap box and carrying on though. I don’t want that to be the only way I blog, hopefully, non cranky mojo will return soon.

What’s making you mad right now?

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  1. Oh this is brilliant!! You have taken the words out of my mouth. So much crap over nothing or dumb ideas made by ill informed people.

    Im mad at Christmas….all my wonderful TV shows are having ‘mid season finales’…what the?

  2. oh I love this. All those things make me crazy mad too. I wonder how many fans of Paul Walker’s had no idea about anything he did outside of F&F. We actually gave up on Homeland a couple of seasons ago. I think the last I saw was her helping him to cross into Canada (?) or something? And Saul thought she’d been killed in that bomb. We stopped watching after that. It is much easier to blog when you’re mad about something! x Aroha (for #teamIBOT)

  3. The High Court’s decision to overrule ACT’s Marriage Equality ACT was really, truly disappointing. But you know what made me even angrier? Stupid Fred Niles getting remarried while he’s one of the main advocates behind making sure so many can’t. Ugh.

  4. These are some big things that have been annoying many people lately. So depressing that the High Court overruled Gay marriage I think it is disgusting and backwards and makes me fear for our kids future. The sharks all that you say is true and correct, there are more people in the water than ever and the issue of overfishing for our mouths has much more to do with it that a man-eating shark. I agree it is their territory we have to accept that rather than cull. Paul walker unfortunately died around the same time as Nelson Mandela so perhaps his death was overshadowed by Nelsons greatness but I agree respect to all.

  5. I noticed but thought it was silly season related, your absence that is. I agree with all those points, most importantly the sharks, but sort of idiots are we allowing to do such things. It’s horrific! Love me a rant, I haven’t had one for awhile but I do have one brewing, especially after I lost a friend over something my husband said with my malice, but then some things are best not said over the interwaves!! Merry Christmas lovely we if don’t ‘chat’ before then!!! x

  6. Have to agree about the sharks issue. People will keep getting attacked by sharks, because they will keep swimming where they live! Hello! Hoping your happy blogging vibes return real soon, not that there was anything wrong with that post at all ;)

  7. Go you! Having a rant is a good thing; a cathartic thing. It also helps your readers to get to know you better and see how you really think and feel. I definitely agree with you in a passionate way about the shark culling and that we are ridiculously and embarrassingly behind the times in terms of allowing gay marriage.

  8. I hear you on most of those things, but the marriage act made me cranky in a different way. I was frustrated that the ACT wasted all the time and money and resources on pushing it through, when it was always obvious it couldn’t be changed. Marriage is a federal issue; not even a state can change anything. The change has to come from the top down and until that discussion happens, the states and territories are wasting resources that they could be spending on issues that are in their power.
    Abbot will address this I’m sure. He’s just waiting for the time that is going to benefit him the greatest.

  9. I just watched the season finale of Homeland and thought pretty much the exact same thing!!! What the….??? Then I had to google is there even was a Season 4 because Homeland without Brody just doesn’t seem to make sense… :-/

  10. Nice little rant! Kanye West is massively annoying me too lately! xxx

  11. I can totally relate to your anger with Kanye. The way he depicts women, his self inflated opinion of himself, is enough to push any sane person to the brink of madness.

    And as for Homeland, this season I watched episode 1 and the final episode. I felt like I missed nothing major and really didn’t need to sit through all the episodes as they were getting too confusing and boring (if I saw another scene with Brody’s daughter, I would scream! She is a painful character!!)


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